Before and After: Jaden Smith fade haircut

Jaden Smith fade haircut

Jaden Smith curly hair and fade haircut

Did Jaden Smith cut his hair? Well, unfortunately Yes. I guess as a growing young man, Jaden decided it is time for a change in 2012 and debuted a pic of his new chopped short hair on his Twitter @officialjaden on January 27th. All that beautiful long curly hair is gone, but he looks very handsome and more like his dad, Will Smith with that fade haircut.

Looks like the 13 year old is growing up and his sister, Willow, decided to stop whipping her hair and chop it all off, “Big Chop” style, a few days after Jaden changed his coif.

Well, the cute moptop Jaden and braid hairstyles are gone for now, and the clean cut young actor is on the rise.

Jaden Smith curly short cut

Jaden Smith curly short cut

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  1. sasha

    i love him i was hoping to be the first person to cut his hair i was gonna keep it in a special jar.

  2. sarah


  3. Jenna

    Good for him. He looks like a handsome, young man now, instead of a little girl.


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