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jaden smith braid hairstyle

While arriving at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards jaden smith braid hairstyle was clean cut, neat, and red carpet ready. Jaden Smith wears his hair in self expressing trendy hairstyles. Just like in his current film, “The Karate Kid”, he is sporting one of his signature hair choices, long cornrows.

I wonder how long he is going to grow his hair and when he will opt for a short haircut. However, I think he looks so cute with his long curly hair.

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  • Hey I just want to say that Jaden and Willow hair is very unique and I really love the braids,afro, and the twist that Jaden wears and it suits him well also Willow hairs looks good the way she cut the sides off it reallys fits her and it is appropriate for her age and she is just doing her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Smith Family Rocks Just stay positive at what you all do and also put G.O.D. first in you all lives

  • OMG!!!!!! I used to wear my hair like tht but ot looked really UFLY on me but looks soo smexy(!!!) On Jaden Smith. Anyway if he s reading this. I LUV U!!! ( but im NOT a crazed fan so tht is good) well yeah he is really cute and we have the same laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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