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How to do a Bow Hairstyle on Braids or Locs

bow hairstyle

Turn your hair into a bow hairstyle without having to use accessories like headbands, scarves, and ribbons. All you will need to create your braids or locs into a work of art is two hairbands and/or some bobby pins. This hair bow style can be created with natural hair, relaxed hair, and with hair extensions as well.

Bow Hairstyle with Braids 5 Step Tutorial

Step 1

Moisturize your braids or locs before styling with a mist of water or a water based leave-in and seal with a natural oil such as Apricot Castor Oil to give it a lasting healthy shine.

bow hairstyle tutorial

Step 2

Put the section of hair that you want to create into a bow up in a ponytail with two hairband or your choice of closure (i.e. old stalkings, elastic hair tie, etc).

bow hairstyle tutorial with braids

Step 3

Pull the ponytail forward and place it into one of the hair bands, leaving some hair cuffed up top.


Step 4

Separate the bun top portion of hair into two to create the bow shape.


Step 5

Take the hanging portion of the ponytail and tuck it in the back into one of the hairbands between the two bow sections of the hair.

If you need some reinforcements to secure the hair in place, use bobby pins to complete the style.

You can twist the middle of the bow or leave it flat like a classic bow.

***Note: Don’t pull too tight on the hair to prevent any thinning edges or hair loss

bow hairstyle with locs

Photo Credits: Instagram via – @earthy_sa, @lolaraemusic, & @barbadian_gal

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