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75 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles To Wear

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thirsty roots braided hairstylesBraided hairstyles are a cornerstone in the African American community. We all know a diva in the neighborhood who can style some of the freshest braids on the block.

With so many options for styling black women, men and children rock them frequently.

Braids and cornrows have the option of being a protective style. They also allow the flexing on eyeballs with a super hot design.

The four seasons can be difficult for black hair. In different parts of the country, the elements can be pretty rough on our thirsty roots. Some freshly braided tresses can give us peace.

The quickest way to rack up likes on your Facebook or Instagram page is to snap a pic.  An image of you busting some crochet braids, or some hot old school Poetic Justice braids will do.

It’s absolutely amazing at times to see what we can do with our hair.

Are You Ready For These Braided Hairstyles?

For those of you that are searching for a new look we have put together something special for you.

Dive into the pictures below and be inspired for what you can wear anytime you get ready.

Some of you will choose to rock your natural hair. Many others will opt for grabbing some weave and hooking up something special.

When we say special we are talking about looks like Ghana braids, kinky twists, senegalese twists, Marley twists or straight up tree braids.

These are some of the hottest hairstyles I’ve have seen. Thanks for posting these pictures.

Black braids are some of the dopest hairstyles on the internet. It’s special when a beautiful African American woman displays her unique look. Especially while wearing this style.

Of course rappers and NBA players got in on the deal years ago. This caused more men to explode on the scene with their cornrows.

Cornrows are still present in many online social media platforms. Yet, it’s dreadlocks and natural twisted fades that dominate the scene now.

Whatever your choice, we have prepared to salute your braided hairstyles. Color, micro braids or edgy styling included. This goes double for weave.

Let’s get to these wonderful pictures below for some serious inspiration. All seasons are on deck especially during the summer months. You gotta love your thirsty roots!!


1. Black Tank Top and Braids

Beautiful long singles braids that are sweet and sassy. Be ready for any weekend with this style. Be prepared to be the start of many conversations among friends and people in passing.

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About the author

thirsty roots®

Our goal is to share the beauty of Afro-textured hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.


  • Beautiful styles, however, I have a receeding forehead, and I am 58 years old.

  • Ms Williams, I too, have a thinning hairline due to years of abuse to my hair. I knew no better. I am now 3 months natural with a TWA and will rock my first protective braid style this weekend. I have been using Sunny Isle JBCO and am seeing slow improvement to my edges. My hair may never fully recover, but I’m determined to be beautiful being me. Try a style that is flattering to your face shape and your natural style and shine being the you that only you can be.

    Damaged, But on the Road to Recovery

  • now a days you can wear and do whatever you want. There is no such thing as just for young girls

  • I get my hair braided in corn row/ but they don’t last long ? Any idea on why my natural hair wont behave ? Some one said if your natural hair is semi permed they last longer ?

  • What oil Stimulate the roots of your hair so it can start to grow and what oil is good to Stop a itchy scalp and what oil is good to rub your entire body. From head to toes and will not itch and also what oil is good for baby hair so it can start growing back and what is good to keep moister in their hair so their hair will not come out what is good for toenail fungus

  • you should treat your hair to a oil treatment and leave it out but make sure it keeps it moisture by braiding before going to bed and finger Combe cause plastic Combes just pull out good hair

  • I thank you for recommending castor oil for hair edges. I too am seeing an improvement. I only wish I had received this information years ago.. The 31 days to fitness is real easy to follow and the exercises can be done anywhere. I carry the book with me daily.

    Please continue to deliver your health care tips which I share with friends and family!

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