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75 Super Hot Black Braided Hairstyles To Wear

thirsty roots braided hairstylesBraided hairstyles are a cornerstone in the African American community. We all know a diva in the neighborhood who can style some of the freshest braids on the block.

With so many options for styling black women, men and children rock them frequently.

Braids and cornrows have the option of being a protective style. They also allow the flexing on eyeballs with a super hot design.

The four seasons can be difficult for black hair. In different parts of the country, the elements can be pretty rough on our thirsty roots. Some freshly braided tresses can give us peace.

The quickest way to rack up likes on your Facebook or Instagram page is to snap a pic.  An image of you busting some crochet braids, or some hot old school Poetic Justice braids will do.

It’s absolutely amazing at times to see what we can do with our hair.

Are You Ready For These Braided Hairstyles?

For those of you that are searching for a new look we have put together something special for you.

Dive into the pictures below and be inspired for what you can wear anytime you get ready.

Some of you will choose to rock your natural hair. Many others will opt for grabbing some weave and hooking up something special.

When we say special we are talking about looks like Ghana braids, kinky twists, senegalese twists, Marley twists or straight up tree braids.

These are some of the hottest hairstyles I’ve have seen. Thanks for posting these pictures.

Black braids are some of the dopest hairstyles on the internet. It’s special when a beautiful African American woman displays her unique look. Especially while wearing this style.

Of course rappers and NBA players got in on the deal years ago. This caused more men to explode on the scene with their cornrows.

Cornrows are still present in many online social media platforms. Yet, it’s dreadlocks and natural twisted fades that dominate the scene now.

Whatever your choice, we have prepared to salute your braided hairstyles. Color, micro braids or edgy styling included. This goes double for weave.

Let’s get to these wonderful pictures below for some serious inspiration. All seasons are on deck especially during the summer months. You gotta love your thirsty roots!!


For pictures, check out this Pinterest board: Braid Hairstyles


1. Black Tank Top and Braids

Beautiful long singles braids that are sweet and sassy. Be ready for any weekend with this style. Be prepared to be the start of many conversations among friends and people in passing.

2. Dirty Blonde Single Braids with Glasses

If you have ever wanted to be daring, introduce a bit of color to your hairstyle. The blend of dirty blonde and black is hot. The results look like this and adding some specs just makes things stand out more.

3. Black Braided Long Twist

Long twist braids bring a certain “Poetic Justic” Janet Jackson feel. This occurs to many woman that rock them well. Add in some natural nude lipstick color and some killer eyes for a ridiculous beautiful look.

4. Long Goddess Twist Braids

For the days you want to look like an African princess or goddess just try this braiding style. The longer the better when it comes to pulling this look off. Don’t be afraid to throw some golden jewels on top for a bit of flare. As you can clearly see…wife beaters with nice breast will work too.

5. Naturalista Box Braids

Arched eyebrows and black fingernail polish give this box braided hairstyle an interesting look.

6. Long Two Toned Twist

Do you want a long look that brings some pretty cool accents? Well adding length to a two toned look will do the job for sure. Placing the maroon color underneath the black creates a dynamic look. Just add a pretty smile and your done.

7. Cornrow French Braid Style

Lovely cornrow french braids pulled up on the sides for a dynamic appearance. The blue halter top allows her shoulders to be draped with the length of the braids for more appeal. Minimum makeup and the cat eyes draw massive attention.

8. Braided Hairstyles Rope Twists

Long braided rope twists that can be worn by any teenage girl. What a great side view for a full reference look at how you or your daughter will look with this style.

9. Short Bob Box Braids

Here are some really nice short box braids you will love to try due to their minimum maintenance. This is the go to style for women who want braids but don’t wanna have them hanging down their back or shoulders. Something simple and light will work every time.

10. Havana Twists Cornrow Braids

Havana Twists with side cornrows on black hair look amazing. Something about placing your braids to one side of your head that brings some sex appeal. These are super cute and allow for that baby hair to be showcased too.

11. Long Colored Box Braids

Nothing changes your look faster than some well done long colored box braids. Here is a nice display of 4 different colors to spark your personal imagination. Dirty Blonde, Auburn, Dark Purple and the classic Jet Black should cover the spread of desired options. Of course if you are daring you can always throw anything bright inside a braid or two. Even if it’s just one people will surely notice.

12. Jet Black Senegalese Twists Braids

How about some jet black senegalese twists with a small updo styling for a unique look. When you pull your hair from around your face the makeup has to be on point. When it’s done right you get a dynamic look that both men and women like.

13. Twisted Updo Design

This twisted undo design for natural hair will help control the strands of hair that get frizzy. Humidity can be brutal in the summer months. This pretty design is a lovely idea.

14. Long Single Braids with Sweater

Such a beautiful woman who has chosen to wear her hair braided to the back. Simple, yet elegant in every way. Having some makeup that is applied this well also pushes toward extra beauty. Any sweater will do to complete this kind of look.

15. Short Braided Bob with Hat

One of the cutest styles is a short braided bob. For the woman that don’t want the longer braids hanging around. Put this look into play and grab that hat out of your closet. The color doesn’t matter.

16. Braided Side Bun

Most lengths and textures will achieve this type of styling. The bun is actually a unique design and the stylist is extremely talented. Side buns are fun to do and definitely fun to look at.

17. Chunky Braids Hoop Earrings

Break out a wife beater in the summer with some chunky braids and watch men go crazy. Eyebrows are on fleek and the hoop earrings are crazy tough.

18. Two Toned Poetic Justice Senegalese

For the days you wanna look like Janet Jackson from poetic justice with a slight change. Yup, the senegalese joints with a two toned addition is fire. Notice that they are not jet black either. Color always changes the game.

19. Baby Hair Bangs Hairstyle

Goodness, anytime you can make your bangs look like this it’s a good week. Baby hair can play a very important role in your hair styling. Plus, how can you go wrong with pink lipstick?

20. Green Chunky Yarn Braids

Frame your face with some green yarn braids. The chunkier the better. You can offset any outfit for the night at the club too.

21. Jet Black Kinky

Nice elegant jet black kinky braids. Up your game and commit to a little change. Get a tad bit wild, just go for it.

22. Short Box Braids

Dreamy eyes with a heart shaped necklace to shut all the men down on a night in the town. Easy to style and takes less time to maintain.

23. Long and Pulled To The Side

Long braids pulled to the side is one of the sexiest ways to grab attention anywhere. When you need that extra push for being sexy simply try this look.

24. Twist Updo Design

Bunned, twisted and of course, uniquely designed. These braids represent pure talent from the stylist.

25. Big Box Braided

Don’t just push a regular looking braided hairstyle. Big box braids provide that electric that you need every now and again. Many black women love this and it works well for them. Long length singles are always hot to wear.

26. Long Cornrow Designs

Cornrows are a blast from the past in every way. You can sport these anywhere you want to without a problem. This includes the corporate world jobs as well as fast food employment.

27. Baby Hair Cornrow Design

Here is another picture of some bangin’ baby hair and braids. Your edges are crucial to your look when you choose to display a cornrow design like this one. Her face is beat and well work a selfie shot.

28. Gold Braided Bun

Bust a golden braids bun to the back for beautiful simplicity. This is a spicey update to a boring everyday look. Bringing the design in from the side makes it dynamic. 90 percent of African American women would simple braid to the back.

Can you say regular?

I can see this passing for a wedding hairstyle. Trust us, you will need something low maintenance over the next couple of days. Getting married comes with a lot of activity…LOL.

29. Cornrows To The Back

Simple. Lovely. Creative.

If your hair has this texture don’t hesitate to bring it with your cornrows to the back. Drape those edges along your temple and the side of your face. Don’t forget to profile the pic on Instagram.

30. Dirty Blonde Braid Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are so versatile. They are super trendy too. Dirty blonde is a go to color and looks good on many black women. The red lipstick makes the look very playful but extremely feminine.

31. Synthetic Braided Updo

This is a no apology and stylish hairdo that will make you stand out of the crowd. A twisted voluminous bun will make a direct statement in any room you enter.

32. Long Custom Cornrows Design

Braids by Necole whipped up this design and we love it. It’s not only universal but the shape quickly throws you off guard. The creative design is laid down in many directions. The stylized photo is very eccentric and worth being shared.

33. Cornrows Bun

This sleek bun created with the auburn color matches perfectly to this woman makeup. When you get it right it’s super hot. It’s simple but don’t under estimate the power of simplicity.

34. Pink Lipstick and Box Braids

Bright hot pink lipstick on this beautiful African American women is hot for sure. When the box braids trend took off she was ready. It’s a really cute style and the choice of jet black made it stand out more. Those Eyebrows On FLEEK too.

35. Jet Black Jumbo Braids

You can hardly look away when you see a nice head of jumbo braids. You know quality when you see it. Are you paying attention to how the stylist made sure the braids get small toward the end. This brings realism to the look.

36. Fishbone Braids Designs

Peep the spirals and diagonal patterns in these braid pictures. The designs are skillfully done for each individual in the image. For the black women who are daring, fierce, and not afraid. Enter any place with your head held high and know one of these styles is for you.

37. Natural Hair Side Braid

When you just need a quick protected style. Braiding your natural tresses up and using some edge control will surely do the job. For that on the go women who doesn’t have time that week do fool around with her thirsty roots.

38. Side Braided Cornrows Mohawk

Go with the tiny braids if you want some intricate custom patterns. Your stylist has to have some serious talent to pull these braided hairstyles off. They are trendy and won’t be worn by everybody. Especially if you decide to introduce color. This is what we love about our thirsty roots though.

39. Goddess Braids Mohawk

Will you look at that. Just when you need a wedding hairstyle for black women you run up on this picture. Goddess braids are gorgeous. all eyes will be on you. Prepare to take a lot on pics. This is a very impressive look.

40. Two Black Braided Buns

Show off your perfect hairstyle with two large braided buns. Makeup will always compliment your look. Hit the town and enjoy your night with that little black dress.

41. Natural Braided Goddess Updo

Braided hairstyles for black women are always great to look at. When you come across those wedding braids pictures that seem to be Unicorns it’s special. The goddess updo is the base of any good wedding hairstyle. Definitely for an African American woman getting married.

42. Cute French Braids

A quick french braid to sport when you are in a hurry. There are plenty of variations to this but this one will do just fine in most occasions. If you are tired of microbraids an idea like this can break up the routine.

43. Natural Protective Mohawk

A special mohawk hairstyle with an impressive natural side design. The chunky braids make this image so cool. If you are a stylist make sure you grab your camera or at least a cellphone to document this kind of work.

44. Cool Designed Updo

Look at how your hair swept up into a bun looks. This is an excellent example of how a black woman can be minimal but elegant.

45. Lovely and Styled To The Back

Crazy cute. When rocking a ponytail is just not for you opt for some long single cornrows. 5 sections is usually the magic number to make it all for optimum styling.

46. Lovely Side Updo

The side braid updo is difficult to create if you are a new stylist. Getting a stunning effect to make an impression like this takes time. It also takes skill, and patience. This is for both the stylist and the client. This is really cute.

47. Makeup, Hair and Nails

Getting out with a beat face and some bright nails will get you crazy attention from both women and men. As a younger black women you can pull this off. However, if you are over 30 years old, fall back!

Braiding your hair like this is standard and usually will last about 30-45 days. you can get a lot done during that time.

48. Big Goddess Cornrows To The Back

6 large goddess braids aren’t a staple design for women but they surely look good when they show up. However, long braided hairstyles are super popular in the African American community of women. Pictures of braids are dominated by longer styling. Poetic Justice, Havana, Marley, Box, and Tree braid styles are the go to choices. This pic is eye-catching and deserves to be Pinned or Tweeted for sure.

49. Micro Senegalese Twist

Get some gorgeous texture with some thin Senegalese twists braids. Pulling them to the side to drape down your neck provides a sexy look. A simple hairstyle to do but one that garners major attention in the streets.

50. Long Invisible Micro Braids

The invisible micro braids trend is in and out of season a lot. At one point it seemed like every black woman in Atlanta had them…LOL. You have to be careful with getting these. The stylist can really cause you to have some traction alopecia by braiding too thin and too tight.

51. Pretty Black Senegalese Twist

Depending on the shape of your face a Senegalese style will bring out your natural beauty. Your bone structure will shine also. They are unbelievably elegant in every way. Get ready for a steady flow of compliments.

52. Banana Braid Hairstyle

Banana braids come with a multiple twists pattern that is down right dope to say the least. You don’t see many out there so when they popup you have to pay respect. This is an impressive pattern and the stylist deserves her recognition.

53. Long Twist Ready To Go

Well, you have to love this simplistic approach to beauty. Long twist braids hanging down your back is a solid move in any diva book. Hair pass the shoulders has always been a sexy move for ladies. We don’t see this changing anytime soon.

54. Marley Hair Crochet

Ahh, the Marley hair crochet braids are pretty new on the scene. This is a solid way to switch directions in your styling. If you like long curly hair with a hot twist this is what you should tell your stylist to move on. It provides so much visual interest.

55. Curly Crochet Hairstyle

It’s always nice to be a curly girl when you want to. Something about those bouncy spiral curls that keep you and others smiling. Short, medium or long lengths will do just fine in this department.

56. Braided Up Marley Twist

Have you tried Marley twists yet? I’m sure you have seen them around in your city. The style is easy to wear and doesn’t take that long to get. No matter what outfit you decide to wear your hair will be on point.

57. Nicely Designed Cornrows

Smaller braids tend to last longer but how can you walk away from this kind of appearance? There is a variety of occasions where cornrows will work. Vacations and surely any inner city events can be attended with maximum enjoyment. yes, that includes water!

58. Professional Natural Braids

Once you have grown out your thirsty roots you can profile these natural hair braids. Simply moisturize and then seal your hair with something like our Apricot Castor Oil. People won’t believe the shine and softness it is providing for your hair. Did we mention it smells amazing? 🙂

59. Goddess Braids Updo

Goddess braids and bangs on fleek. Whenever you can’t decide between curls or a braiding hairstyle remember this picture. It’s the best of both worlds. Part of the head sectioned off for braiding rolling into a crazy curl pattern. This is absolutely a wonderful idea and should be exciting for you to try.

60. Camera Ready Twists

One of the most popular styles in the braiding community are twists. Why? Well, they are simple to do and wearing them comes with minimum maintenance. Anytime you want to add some spice just add a hint of color. You will be surprised what this small touch will do for you.

61. Beautiful Woman, Beautiful Marley Braids

Black women are experimenting with these chunky, thick Marley braids. Pinterest is filled with images of this look. Instagram timelines are flooded with some impressive pics too. It’s not uncommon to see tattoos, makeup and nose rings working in tandem either.

62. Micro Tree Braids

The perfect combination of the classic micro braids mixed with the tree braids hairstyle. You have the protection of low manipulation toward the root. The option to agressively style the rest of the hair is also available. Brushing is possible with this look.

63. Cornrows and Beauty

Can you say edge control? Selfie pics like this get you close to using words like, “flawless”. I’m sure when Beyonce dropped the song she was all in. “I Woke Up Like This”…

64. Twisted Braids and a Smile

This is a wonderful hairstyle that opens your facial features and allows the beauty to shine through. Long twisted hair to toss around for some dramatics and a bit a theatrics never hurts. This kind of look is NEVER going to go out of style. It will always be fashionable.

65. Two Toned Box Braids

A subtle hint of color to the nicely worn box braids. Two tone colored hairstyles can be really nice to pure trash. This African American doll got it correct. Baby hair is banging’. She is just flat out pretty.

66. Long Black and Grey Box Braids

For the dramatic hairstyle that will get you MADD attention go with some long black and grey box braids. Heads will turn and compliments will get tossed out on a regular basis.

67. Long Black Yarn Twist

Are you ready for some yarn twists hanging down your back? Another universal solution for long hair while in a protective style. Be forewarned that long twists braids have an effect on our black men. Be prepared to be approached for your digits often.

68. Poetic Justice Box Braids

Janet Jackson set this look off in Poetic Justice many years ago. The look is still amazing. You know you would shoot a duck face selfie too, if you were rocking them.

69. Twisted with Half Mohawk


Switch it up with a hybrid braid design. Straight up side braiding into some two strand twist. I see many young black high school girls wearing this for prom. I can even see young African American women in college choosing this for homecoming. It just works!

70. Sexy Eyes and Twisted Hair

First of all, her braids are properly moisturized and sealed with an oil. We know our Apricot Castor Oil can achieve this look every time. We had absolutely nothing to do with her natural beauty though. Those full lips and pretty eyes was all on GOD and her parents…LOL This is text book for how to wear twists braids.

71. Protective Updo Design

Calling all black women with natural hair. Here is a simple way to show off a braided updo. The next time you head out for a dressy or classy event this is a top option. Remember, you can achieve this updo in less than 5-minutes. Wear your hair down if you want but that could take away from your dress and your necklace.

72. Thick Ghana Braids

Something about some thick Ghana braids that separates you from the crowd. It could be the fact it’s not as busy as tree or micro braids. They provide a glamorous appearance to many that sport them. The picture above is very nice.

73. Wedding Ready Hair

Braids for a black girl getting married. That’s the first sentence we thought of when we saw this pic. There is no way your bridesmaid will upstage you on your special day. Make sure you tell the photographer to shoot some head shots. You know damn well you wanna flex on IG. This hairstyle is HOT!

74. Straight Back Cornrows

Dang! We all know that out thirsty roots come in many different textures, right? Well, if you have the same texture as the woman above you can surely duplicate this look. For the uneducated 4B sister, you cannot achieve this. Simply love YOUR thirsty roots.

75. Fun Twisted Box Braids Hairstyle

Whoa! Remember Will Smith’s “Summertime” song. A side ponytail braided up says I’m ready for the summer every time. Get ready for swimming pools, the gym and the beach. This hairstyle will get you through half of the hot months before it’s time to bring it down. Feminine and sexy on deck.

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  • Beautiful styles, however, I have a receeding forehead, and I am 58 years old.

  • Ms Williams, I too, have a thinning hairline due to years of abuse to my hair. I knew no better. I am now 3 months natural with a TWA and will rock my first protective braid style this weekend. I have been using Sunny Isle JBCO and am seeing slow improvement to my edges. My hair may never fully recover, but I’m determined to be beautiful being me. Try a style that is flattering to your face shape and your natural style and shine being the you that only you can be.

    Damaged, But on the Road to Recovery

  • now a days you can wear and do whatever you want. There is no such thing as just for young girls

  • I get my hair braided in corn row/ but they don’t last long ? Any idea on why my natural hair wont behave ? Some one said if your natural hair is semi permed they last longer ?

  • What oil Stimulate the roots of your hair so it can start to grow and what oil is good to Stop a itchy scalp and what oil is good to rub your entire body. From head to toes and will not itch and also what oil is good for baby hair so it can start growing back and what is good to keep moister in their hair so their hair will not come out what is good for toenail fungus

  • you should treat your hair to a oil treatment and leave it out but make sure it keeps it moisture by braiding before going to bed and finger Combe cause plastic Combes just pull out good hair

  • I thank you for recommending castor oil for hair edges. I too am seeing an improvement. I only wish I had received this information years ago.. The 31 days to fitness is real easy to follow and the exercises can be done anywhere. I carry the book with me daily.

    Please continue to deliver your health care tips which I share with friends and family!

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