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solange knowles natural hair

Out and about, solange knowles natural hair made a statement this weekend while she was in Vegas at Tao Beach for a special DJ set. Solange Knowles decided to add some weave to her natural texture for some length and wore it in a funky afro style. The dress she wore was fabulous!

Blogger Sandra Rose made a statement about her hair:

Soon Solo was forced to defend her unkempt natural ‘do by claiming she was making a statement (yeah, right).

Well, Solange finally grew tired of the jabs and barbs. Solo threw an afro wig over her naps when she DJ’d a set at TAO Beach in las Vegas over the weekend.

And Blogger Black Girl With Long Hair (Bglhonline.com) was offended and responded:

dark skin and “naps” (as you call them) are features common to a MAJORITY of black people worldwide. How can you on the one hand defend “beautiful black skin” and turn around and disparage “naps”?

How is Chris Brown’s “self-hatred” any different from yours?

What do you think about this controversy over the word “nappy”?

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  • i think she looks great, who cares what she does with her hair, long or short she rocks her hair. people find something else to talk about. black people need to quit talking about nappy hair, god made us unique for a reason. whether u perm it or wear it straight, keep opinions to your self!

  • First thing any BLACK person who talks about the texture of kinky hair or “nappy” and uses it in a negative way has a self hatred of thier ownselves!! caucasian people dont sit around and self hate on themselves niether do asians or hispanics african americans are the only ones who are ignorant enough to sit around and crack a joke about themselves and laugh OH NO excuse me just becuase you perm your hair and it breaks off and WONT EVER GROW!!! and you attach some cheap a** weave to it doesnt make you an honarary caucasian or hispanic you look just as foolish as you fake a** hair when you sit around and degrade something god intended to be beautiful IGNORANT!!

  • GOD’S HAIR IS LIKE WOOL!!! It says so in the bible in 2 places. I LIKE HER HAIR BECAUSE IT APPEARS TO BE HEALTHY! She also looked happy, spunky and FREE!!!!!! I hope she stays that way!

  • its sad to hear such harsh, negative words sputtered to the world. but i can’t say that i’m not guilty, i myself joke about my hair and categorize hair and what not. its time to grow and accept natural hair which i am slowly learning how to. going natural for myself has given me a whole another perspective in the ‘hair business/world’ and how people will accept it. though i can’t say i’ll easily get over the fear of people not accepting me, it takes guts and a peace of mind of what Solange and other African American people, and any other ethnicity to go and continue to be natural. i hope and pray that though people’s opinion won’t alter their decision on being natural. keep it up Solange.

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