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raven symone haircut 2010

This year raven symone haircut 2010 look is short and edgy. The talented actress, Raven Symone, opt for a haircut with a long side swept bangs to the side that gives her a fierce diva image. The August issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine has an article on the famous actress talking about her career and ofcourse her hair.

On her hair drama she states:

“If I’m in a weave, I’ll put some water on my weave and wear it curly for the day. If it’s my normal hair, I’ll put a hat on or I’ll make myself feel really pretty…But most of the time it’s me in a scarf and a curly ponytail if I’m not having to do anything that requires me to be fabulous.”

Although Raven likes to wear weaves to give her natural hair a break from daily styling and to give it a chance to grow, she makes sure she has a healthy hair regimen:

“I keep my hair oiled. I keep my scalp healthy. I take my hair vitamins. I try not to wash it that much and if I do, I make sure that I saturate it in conditioner and moisturizer.”

Source: Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles And Care Guide, August 2010 issue

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