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Before and After: Willow Smith shaved head

The evolution of the “Whip My Hair” young diva, Willow Smith’s shaved hair, is one of the most talked about head of hair next to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj in the music industry. She went from shaving just the sides of her hair to a mohawk haircut and after all that, now totally bald, “big chop” style. Willow shows herself to be bold and edgy when it comes to fashion and hairstyles.

On February 2, 2011 Willow posted a pic on her WhoSay page of her new low shaved haircut and the internet went into a frenzy over the spontaneous move of the daughter of famous actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Also her older brother, Jaden, decided to separate from his long curly hair a few days before and now has a fade haircut.

Do you think this is a bit overboard for a 11 year old girl? Or is it just hair?

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  • shes not ur average 11 year old shes a celebrity princess , i wouldnt let my 11 year old do it @ such a young age (even though she wud like to) she changes her mind like the wind and wud only regret it afterwards. willows hair looks gud though and with been in the sunny states her hair will grow back quick unlike us brits in the freezing cold

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with an 11 year old girl big chopping. Most women are too afraid to big chop. I think she is going to grow up to be a very strong woman with high self esteem. It’s only hair. It grows back.

  • she is in the industry, and knows fashion changes like the wind, but it is good to see that she already knows that statement, I AM NOT MY HAIR. here today gone tomorrow, but I remain. stay positive Willow. xx

  • i fell as if its her hair its up to her regarless to age. she was old enough to be on tv with nicki minaj the she’s not to young to decide if she wants to be bald

  • Man she looks very ugly without her hair no offense or anything but she needs her hair back she shouldn’t be doing this at such a young age. What she does need is Jesus. <3

  • I believe Willow helped most lil black girls embrace their hair and not be ashamed of their own sense of fashion and personality.

  • It’s hair, it will grow back. It’s not a tattoo. People need to get over it. if her parents are fine with, so be it.

  • dang at first on this page i thougt she was a boy than i saw willo and i was like oooooooo she is a mess she need her parents to start saying no to things she need to always were a hat im 8 snd i know whaen its 2 far not saying her parents are not good but sometimes they got to say no she should be happy with her hair

  • she looks like a damn boy, she is only eleven years old and already boarding the line of being sexually confused. In my opinion, she sending out the wrong message to young girls who look up to her.What her parents were thinkin idk?

  • she is too young let her enjoy kid years she has plenty of time to be grown and do what she want to do

  • I think Willow looks beautiful shes embracing her own creativity and not trying to mold herself it some bullshit ass barbie everybody else is trynna be…Im 15 and i just cut my hair it was emotional but i think shes showing a good xample of being ur self and nt caring wat everybodt else think

  • I think its great if it makes her happy . It is only hair and it willgrow back . There are alot of children out there (cancer various des) that cause hair loss. No I’m not saying that she has any of these but it does show that beauty comes in all forms. you are not your hair remember! She is a little girl and if her momma and daddy said ok then who are we to judge. And if you think she is confused then pray for her to find peace and no confusion do judge her she is someones baby and words hurt so let her be!

  • Cut the Kumbaya nonsense. This child looks a hot mess. Way too grown and looking very gender confused. She needs some positive attention at home, if she had it she wouldnt be seeking out the shock and awe effect from us “regular” folk.

  • Wow…it’s a tad bit drastic for a gurl her age, but she is no ordinary 11 yr old! It’s not something I would let my daughter do, but…it’s hair and it will grow back. The interesting thing is when it does, will her hair be the same? Sometimes with a big chop like that the texture changes, maybe that should have been considered previously.

  • It’s hair it will grow back… If my southern raised mother had taught me that it was just hair and that my hair didn’t define my beauty I would have turned out better when it came down to my self esteem… The only reason I don’t shave my own head is I don’t want the surprise of finding out that my head is shaped funny…

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