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willow smith shaved head

Who likes willow smith shaved head? There is much stylishness in Willow Smith’s new haircut. The shaved head is a fashion trend that many celebs are trying out. Willow chose a braided hairstyle with her shaved sides. She is a trending fashionista in the making and she is so cute and full of expression.

I see Will and Jada are allowing their kids to express themselves, and that is a great thing for kids to get a chance to be who they want to be. As a parent you allow them to grow into themselves without you influencing them with your taste, but just giving them some guidance. What do you think?

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  • i’m glad nobody bothered to comment on this kid’s hair. who cares what she does with her hair. she’s 8 or 9 or whatever.

  • She’s so awesome. I’m glad at such a young age she knows how to be herself and doesn’t want to fit into a box. And I also commend Will and Jada for letting her be herself.

  • She’s a kid, why rag on a child expressing who she is. lord knows I had to go to school with the Fugly hair styles my grandma put my hair in with a big ole ribbon on top. I HAD NO SAY!! So more power to her to Miss Smith let her enjoy her childhood and NOT plan her parents murder while they sleep like I did.

  • Wow, I am glad as a child there was structure to my life; God knows we got a whole lifetime to be grown. But I guess these stylist do what they are paid to do.

  • Love their son’s very respectful but Willow is just to grown check out some of the times she was interviewed. The hair cut doesn’t look nice. I totally agree with Dymon she needs structure. This will be the start of something crazy. Parent don’t need to let kids express nothing at that age. I didn’t like the year when the parent host the BET adwards and the kids were on a commerical that year using bad language. Keep track this one will be off the chain once she become a teen. Kids need parents not friends.

  • Gee AParent. I guess you’d be happy if kids were seen and not heard, huh? I can only imagine the stifling childhood you had! I guess if Willow were your daughter you’d have her laced up in a petticoat down to her ankles with good dose of no-lye relaxer doused in her hair. Real progressive, honey. Real progressive.
    Good for a Will and Jada for allowing their kids to have some fun in their lives.

  • Britney Spears was allowed to express herself at a young age as well…enough said!

  • thers a fine line between expressing yourself and learning/knowing how to express yourself in a healthy way. at 10 you dont know your butthole froma hole in the wall, seems quite demonic and inappropiate to me ,jus my opinion

  • roxanne u r so rong im 11 years and my mom gives me a say in my hair and i still get a’s and am respectful

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