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willow smith whip my hair

The new willow smith whip my hair song is rock star ready! Willow Smith sings very well and she debut her singing career with an appropriate song title, “Whip My Hair”, that goes along with her funky haircut and hairstyles.

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  • I LOVE IT!! It is cute, she is not singing about no sex,drugs or anything out the way..she is too cute..

  • I like willow smith and her music but i have to say what ever stylist put these extensions in her hair should get fired. Those extensions are not doing her justice, you can see cleary what is real and what is not and the color is so way off it’s not even funny.

  • I think that she needs to enjoy being a little girl, and stop being so grown. I love the Smiths, but they are way too open with their children.

  • Her Hair Is Really Cute To Me. It’s Funky, Sassy, And Really Cute; Just My Type. People Talkinq Bout She Tryinig To Be Grown, But This Is What’s Hot. It 2011. All These Kids Are Thinking Of Crazy Stuff; Stuff That’s Cool. This Is What’s In Now. Get Used To It!

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