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nicki minaj purple wig

At the Atlanta Pride weekend concert nicki minaj purple wig had her signature pink highlights on the tips of a bob angled cut. Nicki Minaj is known for her colorful wig and she is not stopping the rainbow. She has created a new trend this year in 2010 and many people are stepping out with green, blue, pink, and many other wild fun hair colors. Katy Perry has nothing on Nicki Minaj when it comes to this colorful wig game!

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  • i luvvv nicki minaj,and this picture really explains all the reasons why i love her so much. shes creative and not scared to “push the envelope”, and step out of her bounds to please her fans or better yet be her self. :))) ily nicki :))

  • ily nicki you are my inspiration to be me and fun at the same time.il your pictures the inspire me to stop being the same as everybody and be me with a lil spice lol ily NICKI MINAJ.Bump all these haterz they jst mad you got i betta than them.ILY

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