micro braids with human hair

If you get micro braids with human hair your hair will last longer even after washing it regularly. The most popular human hair to use is micro braids wet and wavy, and it comes in many different brands and qualities. Based on your budget you can go the cheaper route or the more costly route which will give you the more premium quality hair. Either way your hair should last with proper care and possible retouches for up to 2 months. I recommend not keeping your braids in longer than that, due to possible thinning edges and hair breakage.

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  1. shimone

    what is a good human hair to use that looks natrualuy curly but you can flat iron stright that wont look dry or need alot of product

  2. Brenda

    If I am having my hair rebraided at various stages over the months as needed to maintain a neat appearance, (i.e., front, mid-section, back) is it safe to keep my micros in as long as I want them?


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