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6 Hair Care Tips For Micro Braids

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The following micro braids maintenance tips will come in handy when you want a break from daily manipulation and styling your hair. Even though braided styles such as micros can be protective hairstyles, if not properly cared for, it could do more damage than protecting once you take them out.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are ready for that next wet and wavy or yaki micro braided look:

  1. Make sure your hair is clean and moisturized well before the braiding process.
  2. Choose a braid stylist carefully. Make sure the braider does not braid your hair too tight especially along the edges. Tight braids can cause Traction Alopecia and possible permanent hair loss.
  3. Continue to wash and condition your hair and scalp while wearing the braids. Be gentle and massage your scalp while shampooing and conditioning.
  4. Use a light weight oil or glossifier to spray on your scalp and braids to add some shine and help seal moisture into your hair.
  5. Do not use heavy products such as gels and hair grease. These products can create build up gets trapped in the braids and in you hair, which can cause hair breakage and knotting in the take down process.
  6. Do not leave your braids in more than two months at a time. If your new growth is causing the braids to pull and weigh your hair down, then your braids are overdo for take down. This type of tension can cause serious hair breakage and possible hair loss.

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