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Safe temperature to flat iron hair

Safe temperature to flat iron hair

How do you know when you are scorching your hair to frail limp strands when using heat? Safe temperatures to flat iron medium to coarse hair can be between 360 – 410 degrees (°F). Also, one important fact to know before pressing your hair with a flat iron or any heat styling tool, is that healthy hair begins to melt and burn at 451 degrees (°F).

safe temperature to flat iron hair tip chart

Below is a basic chart to go by when opting for straighter tresses.

HAIR TYPE Thin to Fine Hair Normal to Medium Hair Coarse Hair
SAFE TEMPERATURE Below 360 (°F) 360 – 390 (°F) 360 – 410 (°F)

***Note this is a basic chart for safe temperatures based on hair types. However, you should test before flat ironing your hair to find out what works best.

So many factors can change what works better, such as you may have more than one hair texture throughout your hair. Different settings may be needed for each texture of your hair. Also, the quality of the flat iron can make a difference in your results. It is important to find the best flat iron for your hair.


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