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6 Easy Updo High Bun Hairstyle Tutorials

High Bun Hairstyle

The high bun hairstyle is a simple style that can be a formal or casual updo for black women. With the versatility of our hair texture, you can achieve various looks with this simple hairstyle.

It doesn’t matter what length of hair or texture, short to long tresses can create beautiful high bun updos with ease.

The following high bun hairstyle tutorials demonstrates how to create beautiful bun updos. These variations of the simple bun are created with relaxed and natural hair.

Also, the DIY YouTubers show you how to add Marley, Kanekalon, and Yaki hair extensions to add fullness and designs.

If you can slick down your hair with some gel into a ponytail, then you can achieve this updo look effortlessly.

The High Bun Hairstyle Step by Step Video Tutorials

#1 Textured Bun Updo with Marley Hair

high bun hairstyle with marley hair

Toni from the “My Natural Sistas” vlog gives us an example of how to create an elegant high bun hairstyle on medium length natural hair using 100% flame retardant Kanekalon Marley braiding hair. Although you can achieve this style on any textured hair, the kinky look of Marley hair blends well with the curly coils of natural hair.

#2 Silky Yaki Hair Twist and Roll Bun

high bun hairstyle with yaki hair

YouTuber SolangeNolesWorld teacher us how to protect your hair with this simple yet regal updo using long Rast-Afri 100% Kanekalon Silky Yaki braiding hair. This style gives a stunning twist to the high bun with a sleek look.

#3 The Simple High Bun with Kanekalon Braiding Hair

high bun hairstyle with Kanekalon hair

In this video tutorial andria childress uses the budget friendly Kanekalon Braiding hair to style her casual updo. You can find this basic synthetic hair in your local beauty supply store for no more than $1.99 a pack.

#4 Casual High Bun for Relaxed Hair

high bun hairstyle with Relaxed hair

If you have chemically relaxed hair and want a full bun that blends with your hair texture, SimplyALLURING demonstrates how she achieves this by adding a piece of human hair weave.

The items she used:

hair moisturizer
Hair tie
Piece of weave/hair extension
bobby pins
donut former
edge control (optional)

#5 Quick 3 Ways to Do a Bun On Medium to Long Natural Hair

high bun hairstyle with Natural hair

NaturallyGG gives us a variety of ways to create the bun updo with your medium to long, curly or kinky natural hair. She quickly styles her hair in 3 different looks without adding any extra hair.

#6 Front Bun with Pressed Natural Hair

high bun hairstyle with pressed Natural hair

Vlogger Donedo uses a sock bun to achieve a large full front bun on her pressed natural hair. This option will work with any texture hair that is long enough to cover the sock.

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