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44 Foods For Healthy Hair Growth

Some of you consume the foods for healthy hair growth daily. However, there are many that have no idea which ones help with growing longer hair.

So, we complied a list of 44 to help you out. Armed with this information you can zero in on your eating. This will help to get the desired results you want for your thirsty roots faster.

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Here are organized categories for the foods for healthy hair growth

  • Vitamin C – Keeps your hair strong and rich in color
  • Potassium – Keeps scalp healthy and helps prevent hair loss
  • Iron – Keeps your hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating
  • Zinc – Helps with hair growth and replacing damaged hair
  • Vitamin A – An antioxidant that helps cell growth & healthy sebum in scalp
  • Biotin – Helps to strengthen hair and prevent from breakage

foods for healthy hair growth

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