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How To Secure Satin Scarves for Natural Hair

satin scarves for natural hair

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Frustrating, isn’t it?

Your day has been long and you just want to go to bed. That’s normal, but you can’t neglect your tresses.

It’s important to properly prepare your hair for bedtime. Those thirty roots should be wrapped with the ultimate garment, which is that satin scarf.

Most African American women have heard about satin scarves for natural hair. The problem is keeping them on your head while you sleep.

prepare natural hair for satin scarf

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Here are some quick steps for securing satin scarves for natural hair

1. Water Your Hair

If those thirsty roots are dry, spritz your hair with water to regain the moisture lost throughout the day.

water bottle for natural hair moisturizer

Recommended Water Bottle

2. Seal In The Moisture

The best way to keep the moisture you just sprinted into your hair is to seal it in. Shea butter cream or a light application of our Apricot Castor Oil will do the trick every time.

Seal in natural hair moisture

Seal in the moisture

3. Twisting and Stretching the Hair

Easy to manage your strands and elongates those thirsty roots after the take down. Be sure to use an elastic band for securing the bun.

twist and stretch natural hair

Twist and stretch hair

4. Satin Scarf Wrapping

Using satin scarves over satin bonnets gives you greater control for wrapping your hair.

let the satin scarf hang

Use a satin scarf

a. Let it hang the long way

stretch satin scarf out

Hanging the scarf correctly

b. Place it over the head

place satin scarf over head

Place scarf on head

c. Tie it in the back underneath bun

tie satin scarf underneath hair bun

Tie down in the back on head

d. Twist the back end tightly

twist satin scarf in the back

Twist loose ends tightly

e. Bring back ties around to front

tie satin scarf in the front

Bring loose ends around to front

f. Tie the scarf securely in front

picture of black satin scarf for natural hair

Tie down in the front

g. Tuck side behind your ears

tuck satin scarf behind ears

Neatly tuck it in

h. Side view of the satin scarf

satin scarf for natural hair

Side view reference

You are now ready to get some beauty sleep. This method works well for keeping your hair in tack while you rest. You shouldn’t experience satin scarves for natural hair slipping off.


how to tie a satin scarf for natural hair

Smile… you “love your thirsty roots”.

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