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8 Beautiful 4C Natural Hairstyle Tutorials

4c natural hairstyle tutorials

4C natural hairstyle tutorials are important for sure.

It’s the ladies with this kinky curly hair that find it harder to style or retain moisture in their hair.

The curls are just so dang tightly coiled that the natural oils from the scalp find it hard to travel down the hair shaft.

The very essence of “thirsty roots”.

To help seal in moisture, apply Apricot Castor Oil after using a water based moisturizer”.

With as much as 75% hair shrinkage and the least of curl definition, one can be fooled about their length. Don’t be FOOLED!

A 4C natural hair diva that appears to have 6-inches of hair could have as much as 18-inches of hair on her head.

Kinky coily hair is fragile too!

This means that styling your thirsty roots is a more difficult task. Every curve or bend of the kinky/coily hair represents a weak point.


That means styling, combing, and washing your lovely tresses can, and will mean some type of breakage.

So, to help women with 4C thirsty roots, a nice list has been put together.

8 Beautiful 4C Natural Hairstyle Tutorials

Discovering the secret to a great twist out | 4C Natural Hair

Doing a flat twist will create better definition and longer a lasting pattern. I’m still working on what products are best on my hair and which products will help retain moisture. I was happy with my results but my hair was a little bit dry and started to frizz. – Love Layefa

How to Style SHORT 4c Natural Hair Into a AFRO PUFF!!(3 Styles)

Hey everyone, in this video I’ll be showing you all 3 different ways I like to wear my short natural hair in a puff!!! Hope you all enjoyed, until next time…-Mona B.

Quick And Easy Protective Style for Short/ Medium 4b/4c Natural Hair

Sophia Reed

My 6 Go-to Quick/Easy Hairstyles For 4b/4c Natural Hair

Hey guys! Today’s video is all about quick easy hairstyles for the lazy days when you do not want to be bothered by your hair but still want to look cute. No experience Necessary Enjoy! – Tasha Frost

Products Used:
bobby Pins
Wide tooth comb
Palmers Conditioning spray oil
Hair scarf
Ampro pro Style Protein Styling gel

Bantu flat out on 4c natural hair|| for the Bantu knot challenged naturalista

Jessica Pettway

Wide tooth comb
-bobby pins
-styling product

Tuck&Pin Protective style | 4c Natural Hair |

Quick and easy hairstyle I like to do just before my wash day, I think this is good for all hair types even transitioning hair. this is good for medium to long hair. –Love Layefa

Best Ever Roller Set on 4C Natural Hair (No Heat)



Achieving curl definition in 4c hair does not have to be complicated! This simple twist out on my 4c hair tutorial is proof of that! – Luv Mika87

Some of the styling is also for 4A and 4B hair as well. Many African American women have two types of texture on their head. It could be frustrating trying to style multi-textured hair.

Hope these tutorials help many. 🙂

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  • Love the Bantu Knot and Roller Set for 4C Hair (No Heat) Perfect for my 4C Kinky Hair. Friend of mine has the Natural Hair style but put a texturizer in it to give her that curly look. I have thick kinky 4c hair and have not had a perm for more than 2 years and am set against applying any type of relaxer including a texturizer which she tried to convince me is not a relaxer and said no to putting it in my hair. To me anything you put in your hair to change the texture is not natural. I decided against it and came across the thirstyroots web site which is my best friend now. It allows those who want to go completely natural to obtain a perfect natural hairstyle without the use of any chemicals to achieve that look so many have been searching for. Thumbs up to all the contributors of this wonderful site in helping so many individuals like myself achieve that natural hairstyle without reverting back to a relaxer or even a texturizer to have that look we want and love. Keep up the great work in bringing Natural Hairstyle to so many who never thought it was possible

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