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There are natural hair product recipes all over the Internet and women are trying to figure out what is good and what is pure garbage. Most recipes are modeled after the success of product lines like Carol’s Daughter or Miss Jessie’s. If you dig hard enough you will find that most of the time the recipes will include ingredients like oils, juices, shea butter or cocoa butter to name a few.

Here is an example of a receipe you can use for Hair Butter (Found at Long Hair Care Forum)

4 oz of shea butter(unrefined)- melted in microwave…
to which I added the following –
1 tablespoon of amla oil
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of castor oil
1 tablespoon of almond oil
10 drops of rosemary oil
2 tablespoons of aloe vera oil
I put it in the refrigerator to harden. Then take it out and let it come to room temperature. It should be nice and creamy(or if you prefer leave it hardened…works both ways). This is very rich so a little goes a long way. I only apply it to my hair. It works better than anything I purchased for moisturizing. Works great on damp hair. You can use more, less or different oils. Play around with it until you find what works best for you.

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  • to Earline and CHE_2005:

    you can buy amla at your local indian store. Coconut, almond, olive and maybe aloe vera oil at your local grocery store. the rest try out your beauty store

  • I have made similar to this recipe but had to use moisturiser that has shea in and a leave in conditioner to achieve creamy texture, can not get unrefined shea butter in lancashire where I live, and have not heard of amla oil, but have used all other oils, and my hair is luvly and soft. i put it in twist at night and have soft curly fro next day, I spritz it with the mix before twisting and a little coconut oil rub in to prevent frizz when untwisting in morning this is working for me. been natural 18 months now and my hair gives the apperance of being relaxed after putting this mixture in, i have 4b hair i think, when curl is stretched it has a z pattern, when dry without product it is tight afro curls. i am loving my hair not bothered how long it is, just that it stays healthy. sending love to all who is on this journey of discovery of the beauty of natural hair. xx

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