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Style a Lace wig into a Curly Tapered Fro

Learning how to style a lace wig can help you achieve custom looks that the beauty stores can’t provide. It also great to know that you do not have to settle with the basic hairstyles and looks that are on the shelves.

Style a Lace wig

With a little styling products and simple techniques, you can transform that plain jane wig into a edgy style.


A Curly Way to Style a Lace Wig

Below we break down a tutorial by YouTube vlogger peakmill for her Quick & Easy Tapered Curly Fro Look.

You want to choose a textured wavy lace wig. In the tutorial, she uses a Deep Wave Brazilian Virgin Hair Full Lace Wig by Wow African.

perm-rods-Style-a-Lace-wigA list of the tools and products you will need:

  • Co-wash conditioner
  • Light hair oil (argan oil, grapeseed oil, or jojoba oil)
  • Setting lotion
  • Perm rods – 1/2″ for the back, left, & right side – 3/4″ for the top (amount will vary on hair thickness)
  • Hair Clips
  • Professional hair cutting sheers / scissors
  • Hair Pick
  • Styrofoam or Canvas wig head

Before you begin styling, co-wash the wig.

Co-washing-wig-Style-a Lace-wig

Next, secure the wig on a wig head with pins, and then cut the lace along the hairline.

Cutting-the-lace-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 1: Add light hair oil on wet hair

Step-1-adding-hair-oil-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 2: Add setting lotion throughout the wet hair so the curls can last longer.

Step-2-adding-setting-lotion-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 3: Divide the hair into smaller section with clips.

Step-3-divide-hair-in-sections-adding-hair-oil-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 4: Start with the back, then take a small section of hair and roll  and secure the 1/2″ perm rod

Step-4-adding-small-perm-rods-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 5: Repeat rolling with the 1/2″ perm rod until the back, right, and left sides of the hair are complete

Step-5-completing-small-perm-rods-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 6: Then proceed rolling the top with the 3/4″ perm rods until complete

Step-6-adding-big-perm-rods-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 7: Let the wig air dry overnight or use a hood dryer for quicker drying time

Step-7-air-dry-wig-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 8: Take out the rods

Step-8-taking-out-perm-rods-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 9: Begin cutting the hair to desired length in a tapered style. Shorter in the back and sides, and longer up top.

Step-9-cutting-the-wig-Style-a Lace-wig

Step-9b-tapered-cut-wig-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 10: Put the wig on and proceed to cut to your style desire.

Step-10-cutting-wig-to-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 11: Use the hair pick to fluff

Step-11-fluff-hair-with-pick-Style-a Lace-wig

Step 12: Add a part or style to your liking

Step-12-add-part-Style-a Lace-wig


You can view the video demonstration below:

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