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InstaFeature: Is pastel pink hair the new blonde? – @nyanelebajoa InstaFeature: @nyanelebajoa is a beautiful example of how to wear pastel pink hair. Exploring uncommon colors for hair dyeing is becoming a standing trend in hairstyling. And, like Nyané, why not try it on a wig.


As a result, blonde is no longer the must-have hair color. People are choosing many shades of funky colors and dyeing techniques.

pastel pink hair

From colorful ombres to dip dyed hair tips to flirty pastels, hair color is no longer basic browns, reds, and blondes.


Exploring Cotton Candy Pastel Pink Hair

The UK Blogger and model, Nyané Lebajoa, gives us simple, yet inspiring wig hairstyles in a fun cotton candy bubblegum pastel pink hair color.


Nyané alters her wig to create double top knot buns, top knot bun and bangs, goddess braids, and free flowing beach waves.





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