InstaFeature: Tapered fro hairstyle ideas – @misskendrak InstaFeature: @misskendrak shares her tapered fro hairstyle that she styles herself on her natural hair. Kendra’s barber gave her an undercut fade style that went viral on social media.

Furthermore, she’s known for blogging on YouTube and Instagram, styling her beautiful tapered cut with bantu knot outs, rod sets, and various trendy styles.

Check out these fierce tapered looks below:

Tapered Fro Hairstyle Perm Rod Set

tapered fro hairstyle

Tapered Fro Hairstyle Soft Waves


Tapered Fro Hairstyle Flat Ironed and Curled

tapered fro curled

In addition, you can see the tutorial for MissKenK’s perm rod set from her YouTube channel below:

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