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InstaFeature: Tapered cut on natural hair – @dennydaily

ThirstyRoots.com InstaFeature: @dennydaily shows off how a tapered cut on natural hair can be fierce, sexy, and liberating all at the same time. Her freeform hairstyling shows how natural hair does not have to be braided, twisted, or heavily manipulated to look beautiful.

A curly/kinky fro can breath life into your look! The texture is so versatile.

A Tapered Cut on Natural Hair is Liberating

tapered cut on natural hair

So, not only does a haircut on natural hair give you style, but in some cases it can free you from daily time consuming styling. Shaping the hair allows the strands to fall in place effortlessly for that perfect look.

And @dennydaily wears this tapered fro well!



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  • What type of products are best for this look? For the shiny and soft feel? And is the girls made with finger curling or rollers?

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