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InstaFeature: 5 years natural hair growth – @paging.dr.dre InstaFeature: @paging.dr.dre 5 years natural hair growth results will inspire you to not give up on your journey to grow long healthy natural hair.

5 years natural hair growth

Listen to her transition story:


Andrea’s 5 Years Natural Hair Growth Favorite Products

On her blog, she shares her favorite natural hair products and how she uses them. She states:

“…please note that this shrine took me two LONG years to discover.  I had to become not only a shameful and unintentional product junkie for 2 years, but a full-time mad scientist experimenting in my lab (AKA my shower).”

“So, just know that unless your hair was touched by an angel, you’re probably going to have to put in some work and time to find your perfect product line-up.”

That is really good advise.






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