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Curling Iron Curl Sizes

Curling Iron Curl Sizes

Above you can find a chart (infographic) that we created with common curling iron curl sizes that can be achieved with 7 different barrel irons on the market. Curling your hair should be a fairly self explanatory task, but not so if you do not choose the right barrel to create those beachy waves or voluminous locks of curls of your desires.

You can find these common barrel sizes at you local beauty supply store and depending on your curling method, you should be able to achieve some of these curls on short and medium hair lengths and most on long locks.

Curling Iron Curl Sizes Depends on the Barrel Inches

The larger the barrel the larger and looser he curls. The smaller the barrel the tighter and more springy the curls.

2 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 2″ barrel curling iron gives you a more relaxed loose wave. This barrel commonly known as “The Bumper”, is normally used to give the hair a slight bend and creates a little volume in straight hair. Longer hair lengths gets the most benefit out of this size.

1 1/2 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 1 1/2″ barrel curling iron blows up the volume! You get big fluffy curls that are not meant to last, but fall into a tousled bouncy look with lots of body. Medium to long hair is ideal for this size.

1 1/4 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 1 1/4″ barrel curling iron a great curling iron for all hair lengths which make it a very popular size. You can achieve everyday curls with a slight wavy flow.

1 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 1″ barrel curling iron lends a full curl achieving retro waves to beachy free hair. This size iron is great for short to medium or in between lengths to give more curvier locks.

3/4 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 3/4″ barrel curling iron is known for more vintage looks with more definition and structure creating spirals. This size iron is great for short to medium or in between lengths also and gives a deep textured look.

5/8 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 5/8″ barrel curling iron is great for the “curly girl” or those with naturally curly hair, or for creating that taut curly style.  You can touch up stubborn frizzy strands or create tight defined curls all over. This size is great for short to medium lengths.

3/8 inch Curling Iron Curl Sizes

The 3/8″ barrel curling iron is small to create very tight kinky curly coils. This iron is fun to create cute curly updos and a wide variety of curls for short chic cuts. This size is best for shorter hair lengths, but medium lengths can achieve great springy coiled hairstyles.

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