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InstaFeature: Children’s afro styles @chichiromeoandme

thirstyroots-chichiromeoandme-instafeature InstaFeature @chichiromeoandme dynamic trio are so cute in their afro styles and fashion looks. These three little cuties are models who are siblings and making a name for themselves on the runways as stated on their instagram:

Ashley, Grace and Romeo Germany-based trio with Nigerian roots. Living every second like it’s their last infront of a crowd.


The sisters and brother trio are baby ambassadors for the hair care company Carol’s Daughter and they model professionally and as their mother states:

Two big-haired ladies and their little brother, portrayed through the lense of their mum’s camera.


Their mother spends a lot of time with her children maintaining these curly afros and below is an example regimen and process she takes to care for Grace’s hair as seen on the below photo:


And here’s the answer to a frequent question: Our morning routine. As you can see, I like to keep things super simple. I use water, a moisturizer – in this case @carolsdaughter93 #cd4kids detangler – and coconut oil. This is Grace’s three day old ‘wash-n-go’ right after she crawled out of bed. We don’t use satin pillows or bonnets or anything else. 1) I spray her hair with warm water. The detangler is a spray, which can be applied to dry hair as well, but I’m used to working on damp hair. 2) next up is the detangler/moisturizer. I finger detangle whereever needed and fluff the fro into shape. 3) finally the coconut oil. I use only a little to add some extra moisture and shine. And that’s really it. Takes about two minutes and her fro is the same before she goes to bed again.


You can find these cuties on the web:

Intsagram: @chichiromeoandme





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