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20 Cute Natural Hairstyles for Little Girls

natural hairstyles for little girls

From pony puffs to decked out cornrow designs to braided styles, natural hairstyles for little girls can be the cutest added bonus to their precious little faces. When it comes to our little girls, as mothers, we want them to step out in style and hair “on fleek”.

Natural Hairstyles for Little Girls From Puffs to Cornrows

Below you will find beautiful creations that will inspire your daughter’s next hairstyle that we found on Instagram, #naturalhairkids, from talented professional stylist and mommy stylist. Some of these looks are easy to duplicate on any little cutie’s hair, but others are more intricate and may require a professional to undertake. So you might want to have your stylist in speed dial before viewing these beautiful styles, because you will get inspired.

Afro Puff


Braided Bun Protective Style


Bow Ponytail Updo


Side Ponytail with Twists


Box Braids in Bun Ponytails


Box Braids in a Side Ponytail


Cornrows and Curls


Bun Ponytails with Bows


Cornrows with a Heart and Beads

Criss Cross Braided Ponytails



French Braids and Twist Out

french-braids-and-twist-out-natural-hairstyle-for-little-girls french-braids-and-twist-out-with-bow-natural-hairstyle-for-little-girls

Cornrows and Twists


Pony Hawk with Perm Rod Curls


Cornrows and Twists in Ponytails


Afro Puff with a Headband


Two Puffs and a Headband


Twist Out with a Braid

Two Strand Twists and a Rose



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  • Loving these hairstyles for out little princesses hair. Can’t wait to try on my nieces!

  • I have a four year old daughter and I have such a hard time doing her hair bc my hair is so different than hers. I can throw mine in messy bun and go on my way. And this was very helpful for me with ideas and info about her hair type.

  • My daughter is 3 and I can’t braid to save my life but all of these ponytail and puffball and flat twist ideas are saving me! Thanks for sharing your beauty and hair secrets.

  • Thanks for all the post very happy to see different ideas all combined into one post. Thank you all. I will definitely try several of these styles on my daughters hair.

  • Hey I’m 8 years old this help my mommy do my hair ! I wanted to say thank you so much ! For making this and posting good hairstyles ! I have very sensitive hair and this website help my hair grow and it doesn’t hurt !

  • Hello Aylissa, we are so happy that our website helped your mother style and take care of your hair! That’s why we created Thirsty Roots. It makes us smile every time to hear that our efforts are making a difference. We are so happy you are enjoying your beautiful hair!

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