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20 Hot Curl Sponge Twist Brush Haircuts

The curl sponge is one of those products that comes along and changes the barbershop game forever.

Before this hair sponge actually hit the market it was hard for African American men to get natural looking curls.

You’ve seen the haircuts, right?

Now you wanna know what black men are using to achieve this look.

It’s called a Curl Sponge on the streets.

curl sponge

Via IG @curlsponge See FULL gallery below

When I first saw the the twists sponge I was thrown back. I asked my barber, what in the world is that?

He then showed me some pictures of the natural hairstyles he had from cutting several men and boys in his shop.

“These haircuts are dope”!

You mean to tell me that this sponge with holes in it is twisting up the hair and making it curly? Yup, he replied.

The next question was, where can I buy one of these things? Are they in Target or Walmart?

As soon as I leave here I’m headed to the store to buy a twist brush. Is that the official name, I asked?

Well, kinda…

They are called many things outside of my shop, he said. I did a bit of research later that night and found some interesting facts.

hair sponges

The original product was developed around 2010 and was named “Nudred”. It was first meant to start dreadlocks. The owner showcased the product at Taliah Waajid’s “World Natural Hair Show”.

Soon after it was called a dreads sponge. Sales were moderate for a couple of years until a barber by the name of Youssef in Riverdale, Georgia got wind of it.

After seeing the hair curler at Bronner Brothers Hair Show he decided to make his own version. The owner of Diamond Cuts called his new twisting product for afros, “Curl Sponge”.

It was a way for him to get a natural twist in the heads of black man and boys after a fresh haircut. Please believe it wasn’t long before the word hit the internet from his dedicated Instagram account. Sponge curls was in full effect all over the web.

Women wanted to know how to use the brush for their sons. Little boys were looking good after a new haircut weekly. Curly hair has always been a high demand for women and men. Being able to sponge twist your thirsty roots was a dream come true for many.

Natural curls can be achieved after buying any one of the following brushes.

Twist coil curl and lock your hair easy. Getting this sponge for black hair is the way to go. It’s not just a local neighborhood barbershop thing either. Celebrities are using the afro sponge just as much as regular boys.

Maybe you have seen the pictures of one of these celebs rocking a twist and curl haircut.

  • Omarion (Singer)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. (NFL Football Player)
  • Quan (Rapper)
  • JR Smith (NBA Player)
  • DeAndre Jordan (NBA Player)
  • Jahlil Okafor (NBA Player)

The curl sponge is not just for men though. Women can use it after a “Big Chop”. That’s right, a TWA can be twisted up into a nice curly pattern within minutes.

No need for hair rollers and long hours under a dryer

After all this information you probably wanna know where can I buy a hair sponge, right?

Getting a sponge for your hair is easy. Simply shop Amazon for all the great deals and many brands available.

pictures are from the Instagram profile of Curl Sponge

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