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Crochet Braids | 32 Pictures of Hairstyles You Can Wear

Back in the early 1990’s you could find crochet braids hairstyles on plenty of African American women on the block. Getting long wavy hair fast was the thing to do. I mean, it only takes about 1 1/2 hours to look like a super star. 🙂

Crochet Braids Hairstyles

Why Black Women Are Flocking To Crochet Braids All Over Again

Many women loved crochet braids back in the day and now thousands of natural hair ladies have found that love again. Look around and you will spot Marley twists braids, Havana twist and jumbo’s all around. It’s not just about wavy or straight hair anymore. Kinky and curly top the options per salon owner confessions…lol.

The crochet techniques have come a long way from the 90’s. The help of Youtube and Instagram has helped beauticians display many braid patterns to the world. Whatever look you desire can be achieved fairly easy today. Not to mention, weave is more present in “The Hood” now, than ever before.

One Word… “Bundles”.

Walking in any store that sells hair will yield options for different textures, colors and lengths. This all means a proper installation of crochet braids will result in flawless looking natural hair. It can be hard for people to tell the difference from weave and REAL long healthy thirsty roots that grew out of your head today.

1. Long Spiral Curl Crochet Braids

It’s worth every penny spent on your hair when the results of spiral curls look like this. We all know that protecting your thirsty roots is essential to healthy hair growth. Looking good while doing it is an awesome bonus. This braiding hairstyle option is nothing new under the sun. However, the women rocking it and the stylists producing them are flat out impressive.

2. Long Wavy Crocheted Hair with Color

Hair by Harlem125 style African braid Durban twist, color RT30 and RT33. Three packs. Before ya’ll even asked, we put the information on this pic. You just have to know how many packs of hair was used to get this style…lol

3. Short Crochet Hairstyle with Curlkalon Hair


Sometimes you just wanna rock a cute short hairstyle with the option of having it extra curly. You can cut, twist or curl until you are absolutely happy with your desired look. Coloring the hair is not off the table either. #flare


4. Curly Purple Crocheting of Hair Look

The color of royalty on this black woman fits her like a queen. It’s bold and speaks loud to all viewing her profile. Don’t sleep on the gold hoop earrings and the subtle choker necklace either. Serve sexy with an attitude ladies. #teamnatural in the building.

5. Mongolian Curly Hairstyle Extensions

Stunna glasses with her hair extensions cut into a bob style. Curled up with her nose ring this chick is fierce. The classic red lipstick brings this entire profile pic together.

6. How To Make A Marley Braid Crochet Wig


For the women who need to know specifics about this style, we are listing some essential tools along with a video. Enjoy!

  • COMB


7. Long Dirty Blonde

Long curly hair – fake it till you make it with crochet braids, lol  – Freetress Deep Twist serving. This is too easy in the summer with a wife beater t-shirt and shorts.

8. | 5 Things You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong with Crochet Braids

A great protective style for any season, but a protective style isn’t so protective if you aren’t following a healthy maintenance routine. Here are 5 things you need to start doing to help preserve your crochet install.


9. Long Endless Straight Look – Rocking Kinky Textured Hair

When you want to straighten your braids out, this look will kill any venue you enter. Look at the confidence on this woman’s face. If you have been searching for a result of longer hair in less than 2-hours… BOOM! #wig

10. Sided Fringe Braid Style with A Kiss

No, you are NOT tripping. If Kerry Washington had crochet braids she would look like this. The big curls give volume. These oversized curly braids are definiately on point. ABC’s Scandal is not ready for this…lol

11. Jet Black Curly Hair

When you need your hairstyle to be super dark for contrast of your light outfit this will work. It’s shorter than the usual option of braiding but still curly. I dare you to pull this look out on somebody.

3 weeks in, wake up and go!
No Recurl, the older it gets , the better.


12. One-Sided Crochet Braided Hairstyle

Pulling all your hair to one side can and will dramatically change the way you present yourself. This goes double for those who get their eyebrows done. Using clips to hold your hair in place will reveal so much more beauty. Leaving a larger cornrow braid on the other side allows the hair to breathe. Not to mention it’s flat out sexy.

13. That Auburn Red Braided Style

Some call it Auburn and others choose to say “Ombre”. Whatever you decide, this hair color mixture is dope. When you have big voluminous hair like this everything is hitting hard. Peep how she selected to highlight the darker red with some a bit lighter. The combination is just hot! Kara’s hair is ALL natural .

14. Crochet Braiding with Invisible Part Tutorial Video

This is a video of me showing you guys how I achieve my invisible part with crochet braids !!


15. The Truth About Crochet Braids: What Every Natural Should Know

This crochet hairstyle has a nice middle part with a heart shape. Parting the hairdo down the middle of your head brings attention to your face. Mimicking the unique necklace piece also attracts the eyes to the center. Letting your hair fall evenly to the sides like this is romantic. Wavy, yet bold curls enhance the look in every way.

16. Bold Blue Crochet Braids

Back in the day, singer Kelis would have pulled this look out of the closet for a music video. Pink and blue has always complimented each other. If you want to be seen on the SCENE try these colors. Look and feel your best. Shock the world!!

17. Long Draped Curls

Just show up anywhere with these long black curls draped down your shoulder. There is nothing else to talk about. This style is will work for almost any black women that wears it. Just get the right weave texture and you are off to the races.

18. Big Hair, Don’t Care

Even if you are not a fan of crochet braids you have to admit that these are cute. So much curl and plenty of volume in this style. Black hairstyles like this get shared all over the Internet. Don’t be afraid to hit our “Pinterest” button on this one.

19. Purple Knotless Crochet Braids

To the untrained eye it’s extremely easy to mistake these braids for REAL natural hair. Black women are surely able to achieve this look nowadays but it takes a lot. Your hair care regimen has to be on point. Especially if you are going to add color. It’s just easier to get your hair braided and buy a pack of some good weave and opt for this crocheted look. Not only will you look good, your hair is in an ultimate protective style.

20. Natural Hair – FOR REAL! Inspired Crochet Look

It would be great to pull off crochet extensions that looks like her natural GOD given black hair. This Style Blogger, The Serena Saga, not only has beautiful natural hair, but she knows how to finish the look with a fashionable mix of stripes and gingham.

21. Anti-Boring Braids Hairstyle

Want to to break up what some would call boring crochet hairstyles? Buy some purple weave and pull it to the side. This look along with the green lipstick does not belong in regular braiding hairstyles galleries. We love when a woman lets her true personally shine. Be You. BeBOLD. “Love Your thirsty roots”.

22. Deep Black Short Curls

Short crochets for the woman who wants deep curls without the length of hair. There is so much bounce in this single style. Could easily pass for a wig.

My hair is braided straight back into 7 cornrows. I used 4 packs of Bobbi boss Jamaican braid Marley hair.. I pre-curled it using the white rods.


23. Perm Rods and Crocheted Braids

This is how you get some longer stretched out curls. If you want that hair bouncing down your shoulders you need to implement perms rods in your styling. Here is a quick tutorial to watch on Youtube. Be sure to let us know how your hair came out.

24. Dirty Blonde Crochet Braids

Get that Beyonce hairstyle you always wanted without spending the amount of money she does on a stylist. Let that confidence shine through as you protect your hair. There are plenty of braid styles for black women, but this one is a favorite.

25. UNDETECTABLE Crocheted Braiding Technique W/ Toyokalon


Hey loves, here’s another one of my undetectable weave tutorials. Thank you soooo much for all of the positive feedback on all of my previous videos. Shhh…people shouldn’t know unless you decide to fill them in. I hope you all love this “crochet-less weave” look as much as I do. 😉 God bless & stay beautiful. Feel free to tag me if you try this look.


26. Natural Looking Hair With No Fuss

This is the hairstyle that has people asking… What are crochet braids? Looking at this natural looking hairstyle you surely aren’t thinking braids. An argument could easily be started about whether it’s her real hair. It looks that good. (Pretty Smile, Not Included) 🙂

27. Fluffy Crocheted Braids

This is how you fluff out your hair to add volume for big results…literally. Adding the dirty brown color also brings flare to the look. This is for the sassy woman who wants to get more out of her extensions.

28. Crochet Havana Twists Braids

This is the black braids hairstyle that has completely taken over social media. These twisted crocheted braiding styles are a hot thing amongst black women and little girls. There has been a fire storm of comments and arguments over this style on little black girls. Christina Milian took an “L” when she put this style on her daughter. It was a bit much.

29. Crochet Marley Hair Braiding Style


I used almost 3 packs of Marley Hair and it took roughly 2.5 hrs to install and 1 hr to curl. I maintain by putting the hair into a loose high puff nightly and fluffing out in the morning.


30. Curly with Bangs (Flexi Rod Set)

Do you have a prominent forehead and you’d like to hide it? Then you could opt for an amazing crochet braid hairstyle that mimics this. It is voluminous and trendy, perfect for a night out with the girls. To give a beautiful shape to your curls you should use a bit of hairspray, or mousse. This way you’ll be able to enjoy it for an extended period of time.

31. Loose Crochet Curls with Bangs

Wonderful looking braids that only appear to have been crocheted in loosely with a side part. Don’t be fooled :-). A lot of bounce and play in the hairstyle. It’s just so pretty and easy on the eyes. The look is effortless. For the African American woman who wants to look great without trying too hard.

32. Fullness and Curly Hair On The Go

You gotta take a selfie after you leave the hair salon looking like this. The amount of fullness and volume this hairstyle has is ridiculous. It takes a lot of work to get straight up natural hair to look like this. Plus you have to be born with a certain texture. You have to love the fact that their are options for a protective hairstyle like this.

What do crochet braids look like getting done?


A picture for the women who don’t know what the process looks like when preparing for crocheted braid styling. Crochet braids are a perfect solution for black women who desire a controllable hairdo.

The braids hairstyles are easy to create and there are plenty of options for looks. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short. If your tresses can be braided you are a candidate for crocheted braids.

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  • I LOVE the cute short crochet style featured on this site and am so disappointed that I didn’t see the video prior to having my hair done last Friday. The look is exactly what I wanted. I also learned that more than one size hair can be used with crochet hairstyles–the stylist I went to was not familiar with the technique.

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