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How to Grow Relaxed Hair Longer

How To Grow Relaxed Hair Longer

So many African American women want to know how to grow relaxed hair longer. There is no magic pill, potion or ingredient to this process.

The average growth of your thirsty roots is 1/2 an inch a month or 6-inches per year. The problem comes in how much of that hair growth you will keep. If you want to get long healthy hair you simply need to practice the correct methods of haircare.

Here are some tips for growing long relaxed hair…

– Eat Healthy
– Trim Your Ends Regulary
– Maintain Moisture
– Low Your Hair Manipulation
– Wear More Protective Styles
– Avoid Heat As Much As Possible
– Keep Your thirsty roots Conditioned
– Don’t Overlap Your Relaxer
– Wrap Your Hair Before Bed (Satin or Silk)

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