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360 Waves Brushing Techniques

360 Waves

As a guy who wants a perfect waved up hairstyle you may want to consider 360 waves brushing techniques. To get those waves to spinning there is a certain way you need to handle your brush when stroking your thirsty roots. A grooming plan that involves a strategic regiment of brushing is imperative to get your hair follicles spinning. Some guys figure it out on there own but others prefer a training guide.

Are there tricks and trade secrets to getting these deep waves? Well yes and no. To get the effective and desired results you seek follow the instructions below provided by Wave Builder which includes their maintenance preferences.

Information you will need to acquire for the optimum look:

1. What Are Waves?
2. Beginning Training
3. Brush and Brushing
4. Styling Products
5. Your Barber
6. Maintenance Routine
7. Things To Remember
8. Training Chart
9. Maintenance Chart

Download the Waves Training PDF HERE

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360 waves brush, tips

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