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Damaged Hair – Repair Regimen for Moisture Deficiency

There is 3 levels of hair breakage that African American women have to deal with. Damaged hair is something that should be dealt with sooner than later.

It’s important to understand the levels. Knowing the difference between all 3 levels of hair breakage will help you have healthier thirsty roots.

This is information you can share with women and little girls in your circle. Knowing is always half the battle, so let’s get some understanding.

Below is a damaged hair graph that has nicely been put together

Level 1 – Normal/Balanced Breakage

Usually happens when hair is handled just a little too roughly.

Level 2 – Moderate Breakage

Occurs most frequently when there isn’t a proper protein/moisture balance.

Level 3 – Severe Breakage

When level 1 and 2 are combined and there is possibly a nutrition or health condition.


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  • Would love to return my hair to its natural state I have been suffering extreme breakage like level III and I need some help
    Enjoy your site very informative
    thank you for the information

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