Mother and Daughter Long Natural Hair

We met these lovely ladies, mother and daughter, at Fro Fashion Week Fall 2011 as they were modeling in the everything natural hair Fro Fashion Show.

Talk about beautiful heads of hair. I think it is important for our daughters to see examples of the beauty of our natural tresses.

Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, wavy, or straighten love your thirsty roots by taking care of it and watch it flourish into its natural essence!

2 Responses

  1. Denita Caine

    i have natural hair and i have ran out of ideals. and styling. HELP!!!!!!

  2. Dee

    Ithink it is genetics. Not everyone will be successful with the same hair products. Coconut oil to me is way to oily…However, I do use olive oil and personally, I cannot understand how one can go natural without a moisturizer. Because without it, your hair will break no if and’s or but’s about it. So, come on now, let’s not deceive.


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