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Thirsty Roots Member Lydia has some beautiful natural hair and stylish fashion sense. She shows how you can transform your natural hair by adding a little color. In her words:

My hair does what it wants! Lol. The color was done in my kitchen! I used aluminum foil to separate the highlights! 😉 A lot of moisture keeps it healthy!

We love her style with the use of color not only in her hair but in her clothing choices. The bright oranges and yellows really add a spice to her look. Lydia’s natural hair brings out her uniqueness and individuality:

I am so passionate about natural hair!! I believe hair is connected to our very being and helps drive our perception and others perception about who we (I) am! Hair is power! 🙂

I’ve been natural since August of 2008.  I chopped 7 or so inches of chemically straightened hair and then it became so much fuller and more healthy.

With a simple pin up hairstyle, Lydia showcases her beautiful curly coily natural hair effortlessly:

It’s just the coil of my hair – to get it extra coily instead of more fro-like, I make sure never to comb my hair after its wet (only combing in the shower when I have conditioner on it) and only lightly using a towel to help get some of the water out.  The coil is the most “coily” (lol) when it is at its “wettest” … But I don’t twist or curl it to get the coil.

And some of her favorite hair care products:

Miss Jessie’s
Olive Oil
Dove Nutrient Oil
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil

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  • I like coils but, I wonder how much hair you are losing to not ever comb or brush your hair when it is wet or dry? So, it appears like you would need to keep wetting your hair all the time.

  • Beautifull,

    So I would like to know what kind of product that I can use to transform my hair like that. So like her hair.

  • Actually you won’t lose hair by not combing and brushing it. Just use your fingers to comb it. Have you heard the expression “the less you do to your hair the better it will be”? That saying rings true! I know for a fact, I too am natural and have been for a year and a half and I love it! Since I went natural my hair has grown tremendous and looks and feels healthier.

  • I’ve been natural since last year and I’ve really been trying to get my hair curly! I want something that really works and I will try this, but I’m hesitant because the back of my hair hasn’t grown out and its really short in the back, but thanks for the tips! I will try.

  • My hair looks similar to Lydia’s hair. What category would Lydia’s hair fall into? I’ve been trying different natural hair care products but non of them seem to work for me.

  • Can you guys give me a tip on short natural hair? My hair is about 3 1/2 inches and i have no idea how to style it!

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