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natural curly hair frizz control

The best way to get that natural curly hair frizz control, is to either define your curls with a product or to create a defining style like two strand twists, dreadlocks, braids, pin ups, etc. Black natural hair nature is to have frizz. Fighting the frizz will only drive you crazy. You can tame it with different techniques and products, but getting rid of it completely is nearly impossible. There are plenty of  gels and mousse out there to lock in your hair and freeze it in place, if you do not mind the hard crinklly curls. On the other hand, you can try a curl definer for natural hair that gives your hair more softer curls. Either way, even after using these products you can still experience frizz the more the hair is manipulated. So the definition will only last for a few days, then you are back to lovely frizzy mane.

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