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African American Hair Products for Natural Hair

Here are some of the best things to use in African American hair products for natural hair. Of course there are many things to choose from in the market so you need to know what is good for black hair. This information will cause you to have to read ingredients until you find what you need.

The Top 10 Ingredients for Black Hair

Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil
Avacado Oil
Aloe Vera
Castor Oil
Cetyl or Cetearyl Alcohol

For more details of what the list above does for your hair:

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  • hi my mom has a thin texture and i think its fine as well what are good products for her hair she currently have a very very short cut tht shes growing out is shea butter in the raw form a good product for her thanks

  • How can Sodium Laureth Sulfate be one of the best things for anyone’s hair? Please read up on the dangers and health effects of this product!

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