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Natural hair product samples are usually acquired two ways: One is to run a very popular black hair blog and the product companies will send you all kind of moisturizers, conditioners etc..etc…TRUST ME! The other way is to attend a Natural Hair event where several companies will show up with samples in swag or grab bags. Fro Fashion Week & The World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta are extremely promising in this area.

However, there is a new way to get some really good product samples for natural hair and that is the “Curl Box”. It’s exclusive, affordable and effortless and has pulled brands in like Shea Moisture, Beautiful Textures and Huetiful. When you get a chance check it out here. This may or may not interest you but it’s surely worth peaking at as many natural women have.

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  • I am interested in finding a very good moisturizer for my hair which is natural and very dry. Please help with any information

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