Natural Hair Care

Washing Natural Black Hair

The simple way of washing natural black hair so that it’s done right and you benefit from the process. We have watched several videos in our thirsty roots community and picked out the main tips to making it easy and beneficial.


  • Divide hair into four sections
  • Use clips to secure the hair after applying shampoo to a section
  • Do not use shampoo with sulfate
  • Work shampoo with tips of fingers into scalp lifting dirt

Take out clips and make sure the shampoo is worked throughout the entire head of hair. Once finished rinse off with lukewarm water finger combing the hair as you run the water over it. Be sure to massage the scalp as you do this as well to stimulate blood flow.

After washing be sure to use a conditioner for maximum results and a definitive look. For additional information check out the co-washing natural hair.

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  • I love this website, am inspired as an african woman to take care of my beautiful hair. No pressure in using relaxer.

  • I have a question. I recently cut all my hair off and find myself at a lost. I would like to wear it in a TWA, but I’m unsure how often I should be washing my hair. The curly pudding that I purchased said that I should use it on wet hair but I didn’t want to wash my hair everyday.

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