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Natural Hair Steam Treatment

So what does a natural hair steam treatment do for you? Well the steamer works wonders for allowing your choice of hair conditioner to penetrate the shaft and follicles after shampooing. Once you have conditioned your hair simply sit under the steamer for about 30 minutes with conditioner still in. There have been several reports of how easy detangling your hair is after a hair steam treatment. There are several steamers on the market so read reviews to choose what is right for you.

If you are a DIY type person you should check out how to make natural hair conditioner recipes.

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  • I swear by steaming. It truly works wonders on all hair textures. With natural hair, after a good solid month to two months of steaming, you’ll notice a difference in your hair, shiner, healthier. I’m totally addicted to steaming and recommend to anyone who’s wishing to add some greatness to their hair care regimen!

  • Amazing, thank you so much for this website! Is this steamer available in other countries. i.e South Africa?


  • I will try the steaming process tonight after shampooing. I will report back with my results.

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