Senegalese Twist

Very nice picture of Senegalese Twist with some honey blonde highlight strands to break up all the black. This hairstyle choice will last for a pretty long time as long as you maintain them. Normally we see tree braids or micro braid draped in this style so this was a surprise.

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My goal is to teach myself and others about our beautiful black hair and to have a place where we can come together to get examples, advice, and information of black hair growth and hairstyles. Whether you have permed, pressed, or natural hair it's still black hair and it's beautiful.

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10 Responses

  1. Shena

    I currently rock this style and love it!! The best of both worlds twist & micros :))

  2. BabyGirl

    if you dont mind me asking but…… what type of hair brand did you use mamn? I love the hair quality.

  3. mstazz

    I love this style also, I have a ; seen other kick the micro and I want to stand out and get people attention. I love the love the loook then i would put it up for a fashion look!This is a great look !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alexis

    I love the colors that are in her hair.. They are really mixed in together well.. Nice chioce.


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