Nubian Twist Hair

Nubian Twist Hair

Two strand hairstyles are really popular but lately women have been inquiring about Nubian twist hair and wondering how they can learn to do the style. The picture above gives you a great reference to how they look but we had to turn to our Thirsty Roots Community member AKIYIA for a tutorial. Check it out and make sure you visit her profile page.

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  • Very cool video! Your instructions were on point. I particularly appreciated your advice on how to part the hair to get a more natural “fall” of the twists. I will be getting my hair twisted for the first time in 10 years. The first time was a disaster because the stylist did not consider my head size or the shape of my face. I came out with a whole lot of hair that completely overpowered my face! I will use your wise words to help me on my next adventure with twists! Thanks and God Bless..

  • Extremely beautiful and it enhances your individual beauty greatly also. I want to order some. Thank you

  • I love the “how to” video. I am gonna do my hair as soon as my hair comes. Beautiful end result to. It looks good short.

  • I think your hair looks so beautiful! You did a great job of explaining exactly what you did also in your instructional video. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks

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