Teyonah Parris Roll and Tuck Hairstyle for natural hair

Roll and Tuck Hairstyle

Actress Teyonah Parris roll and tuck hairstyle is yet another crown of glory hair design that she brought to the red carpet. Thanks to the stylist Kangue Styles Dioume (@thiothiolove) from Khamit Kinks salon in Brooklyn, NY, Teyonah looked radiant and regal with this natural hair style creation.

natural hair Roll and Tuck Hairstyle

How to Wear the Roll and Tuck Hairstyle

This roll and tuck hairstyle can be worn for formal events as well as semi-formal gatherings. Adding adornments such as flowers, jeweled accessories, or wraps and scarves, will give the style extra flare, personality, and a little edge.

Teyonah Parris red carpet natural hairstyle
You can always look to this rising star for inspiration with natural styling ideas. Teyonah Parris hairstyles are far from boring and demonstrates the versatility of afro-textured hair.

Photos Source: via Instagram – teyonahparris

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