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A little girl’s natural hair journey

Shana Jaye’s 11 year old daughter, Nyia, gives us an example of cute natural hairstyles for black girls. But even more so, she gives us inspiration to love our natural hair and embrace it’s beauty. She is wearing her thirsty roots natural in school for the first time since her BC (Big Chop) on Thanksgiving 2009. Nyia is not allowing bad comments to destroy her love for her natural hair and with her mother she is learning how to style and take care of her thirsty roots. Read about Nyia’s hair journey:

TR: How do you feel being natural now after wearing relaxed hair?

Nyia: I love it better now because it’s growing so long and much faster than when my hair was relaxed. When I use to get relaxers my mommy told me that it was just ‘itching’ but now I know it was really burning! It’s much  healthier and my hair looks like my Mommy’s!

TR: What do your friends say about your hair?

Nyia: Some of them make fun of me, but I like it…and that’s what matters. They may be laughing now while it’s short, but when it gets longer they will have nothing to say and I will be smiling. 🙂

TR: Your hair is so beautiful and looks very healthy, what products do you use for styling and hair care?

Shana Jaye (Mom): “I use Jane Carter shampoo and condition, along with the Beautiful Curls deep condish. I also use coconut, EVOO and JoJoBa oils for  Both are available in Whole Foods.”

TR: What do you love about your hair?

Nyia: I like that now I can buy more stylish earrings with my allowance! I can wear all kinds of bows and beanies with my outfits too. I also love getting braids and twist with my fro-hawks!!

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  • I love how confident Nyia is with her beautiful hair. I think its wonderful that she won’t allow obnoxious peers to steal her joy. These pictures are lovely, and shout out to her Mom for embarking on this journey with her! 🙂

  • Nyia, I am very proud of you for embracing who you truly are at such an important milestone in your life. There are a number of adults who hide behind their processed hair, but you are showing the world your true beauty!


  • I’m so proud of Nyia, my granddaughter. She is a beautiful black girl, who has totally embraced that fact. Her smile lights up the screen, showing both her inner and outer beauty. Love you Nyia, and the hair. Great job Shana! Keep on keepin’ on girls.

  • I think you are a very beautiful and brave young girl who knows what she wants and will go very far in life because of it. Major props to you and your mom for embracing the beauty that is being Black in today’s society. You truly embrace and epitomize the essence of being free to be who you want to be. 🙂

  • I love to see young girls love their hair, and to know that we can be beautiful with however we want to wear our hair, and to embrace our natural hair and not look at it as a negative, I have 3 beautiful granddauthers and I’m teaching them the same thing about their hair.

  • Nyia is a confident and beautiful young woman and her hair is the epitome of her true natural beauty. She is strong and will continue to be strong in her future endeveours. What a lovely role model for all the young girls, by letting her light shine she is unconsciously giving other little kids permission to do the same. I am on a natural hair journey as well as my two year old daughter, it’s amazing how free and confident we feel. Thank you Nyia and all you other naturals for helping us see the beauty that was hidden from us.

  • I did the same thing I am 15 now, but I cut my hair at 14. People at school made fun of me, saying I looked like a boy. And I wanted to stay home, but then I started to read up on natural hair. It made me think. I started to think these are my ROOTS and I should wear it proudly.I am so proud of you doing that at such a young age.You are not alone keep doing what your doing girl!

  • awww.. look at my little cousin! im so glad she went through with the process. she is so beautiful regardless what her hair looks like and im glad she is realizing that! Keep up the good work you guys!

  • Niya iam thinking bout get my hair cut like yours but im scared what people is going to think bout me…but to yu i am not scared no more

  • Beautiful girl–beautiful hair. It is so good to see a young lady with such healthy self-esteem. It really doesn’t matter what others think or say because you have to live with yourself and for yourself. Mom, keep up the good work you are doing with your young lady.

  • Go Niya! My daughter chose to be relaxed while she tries out a new haircut but prior she was always natural. She rocked her afro in all her glory with no problem. I’m proud of you for not falling to prey to all of those that say our hair in it’s natural state is not beautiful. Bravo lil’ black girl!!

  • OMG I can’t believe all the responses! First thank you Thirsty Roots for honoring me on your website. To all the comments THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! It wasn’t easy but my mommy tells me everyday before school that I’m her angel and no body else matters. Also everybody at my school are cutting off their hair too! Wooohooo! Most sraighten it but my mom says only on a very special occasion can I do that. I wear a lot of box braids and kinki twist too being that it’s so cold. I think you guys call it protective styles or protecting your ends. My hair grows so much after I take them out! Check my story out on YouTube, I have more videos coming during the holidays while I’m out of school. Thank you all again and remember to pray everyday:)

  • Beautifullll, my daughter is only 4 but she loves the ‘frohawks and says she wants an afro although her hair is light and really soft, I’m glad she loves her hair and I’m glad you do too!

  • Coming from the Caribbean we’re familiar as kids to wear your hair natural well into your teens well that was then this present generation they’re familiar with flat irons perms and various other chemical treatments i prefer rastafari dreadlocks my 4 year old daughter loves my hair but unfortunately prefers the latter mentioned procedures after seeing your pics she has totally changed her perspective Thank you Nyia and Myah thanks you too

  • I love your hair Nyia. My daughter has had a relaxer for quite some time now but it has been one year since she had one. I want to do her hair the same way.

  • OMG. Now that is so wonderful and inspirational even a 11 year old is unafraid and proud to wear her natural hair. I could learn something from her. I need to be done with these weaves!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nyia,

    I wish I’d had half as much wisdom and confidence as you have. It took me until I was in my late twenties to work up the courage to go natural and embrace my true beauty. You are going to be an inspiration for lots of others out here on the internet and everyone who meets or just sees your gorgeous hair and smile in a crowd. You give me so much hope for a better, stronger, smarter and more beautiful future for all of us.

  • Very gorgeous and un ique hairstyles. I been coming to this site for a week now and I love the art you can do with your hair. I showed this to my Grandma and ahe looked at me like,”Eww” but I asked her which one she liked and she liked all of them. I told her which one I liked. I think girls look better with natural hair,to me it gives a sense of pride and confidence. I know nappy hair can be hard to manage but that’s because you have good hair and good hair is hard to manage because you got to keep it up. Weaves are okay but why wear it every time you take them down? I never worked a weave and i never will. I want friend’s like Nyia.
    Inspire more young girls to rock their confidence,enough said. Thanks for doing this site,it was worthful:) much love! Oh and I also want my hair done like the Mohawk,that is hot!

  • That’s right Ms Nia…know who YOU are for you. You are not defined by other people’s opinion of you and most definitely not your hair. Wishing you success on making wise choice throughout your journey.

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