african hair braiding micros

Extremely popular is the african hair braiding micros that my sisters are wearing these days. I usually get these single braids done at least once a year to give me the time freedom to rock freely with my family of vacation in the summer. We do everything from Swimming to rock climbing and Disney World Water Parks.

All of these activities will keep you busy doing your hair so I choose this protective hairstyle once a year. Another benefit to getting it done by the Africans in a shop is they are fast and I don’t have to put hundreds of single braid myself. I did that before and it took me 4 days…lol.

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  • It looks pretty but I gave my local African braiding shop three chances and will now never go back. Yes, they do good work, but they didn’t care about my hair. I had 2 different braiders in the three visits and they both pull too tight and one of them was raking through my hair with a fine tooth comb making my head bob and jerk. I personally believe that if you frequent African braid mills that you will have less hair and certainly no edges.

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