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Angela Simmons natural hair photos

Angela Simmons share a few photos on twitter of her natural hair curly and blow out straight. The Pastry Kicks Ceo rarely wears her real hair all out due to the constant manipulation needed to style as a celebrity in the limelight.

Angela tweeted via @AngelaSimmons the pic above stating:

Another all natural shot! Natural hair don’t care! http://mob.li/_wyXRm

Also posted this pic stating:

All natural hair out tonight ! http://mob.li/_xZ7tq


She recently teamed up with Indiqué Hair and created a hair extensions line called “Bikini”. Sew in weaves can be a good protective hairstyle that allow your hair to rest from day to day styling. So as you can see her hair is benefiting from the protection and looks long and healthy.

She also tweeted a pic of her curls before a blow out as shown above:

All my natural hair! #Ouch time to blow it out! http://mob.li/_b5Pn8

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