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Are Braids Healthy For Your Hair

are braids healthy for your hair

Healthy braids with a mohawk

The question are braids healthy for your hair is one that is asked every week by thousands of African American women so we thought a good answer was long over due. A good answer is YES. However, due to circumstances and education we can also say NO. Let’s explain the above sentences with some pertinent information!

13 Important Things About African American Hair and Braids

1. Braids can help you retain length
2. You can co-wash and moisturize braids for maintenance
3. You can use your own hair or opt for human hair extensions as an option
4. Synthetic hair can cause split ends depending on hair texture
5. Low maintenance
6. Many styling options limited ONLY by skills of braider
7. You must care for your hair & scalp while wearing braids
8. Braiding your own hair doesn’t last as long as extensions
9. Done wrong they can cause breakage around your edges
10. One of the best options for protecting your hair
11. Do not keep them in longer than 4-weeks without letting your hair breathe
12. Do not get them too tight
13. Do not get them too thin

black hair braids bun

Healthy braids with a bun

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  • I have been wearing my own natural hair in braids for a year now. I have been natural for four years and my hair is currently 14-15 inches and growing. I keep my hair braided half-way, then twist the ends and have had tremendous results. I wash, deep-condition, color or whatever I desire to do with them. You must keep them moisturized, oiled, and trimmed. I do get knots that usually come from monthly shedded hair in which I just use that opportunity to trim. You must be vigilant with the ends that could tangle and knot, but with moisturizer, oil, and gentleness you can combat this. I have been able to do updos, wear down, curled, bangs and ponytails…I Love it..And is very very low maintenance. Just rebraid once a month, in spurts, however you please. Great for growing your natural hair. Good luck naturals and happy growing.

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