Black Braiding Hairstyles


Black braiding hairstyles are very popular these days due to the many styling options that they add to our thirsty roots.

Braiding is a very simple process, but it can take many hours to complete, especially if the person who wants the braid has a full head of long hair.  However, because the process is so simple, anyone can do it, but if you want it done right and in a short period of time, then you need to rely on a professional.

Black people like to wear braided hair because it is practical.  You can leave braids in for a few weeks at a time, which means that you don’t have to style your hair every day.  You can, however, wash your hair like normal even with the braids in.  It is usually recommended that you keep your hair and scalp moisturized though, or your hair will get frail and break.

While many people like braids because they are simple, there are also some people who like them simply because they are a good place to start creating unique and interesting hair designs.  Some people choose to pin them up in different ways.

Cornrows are actually a style of braids that are set parallel around your head, in “rows.”  Everyone can choose a different style, and you are also not chained to one particular style all the time.  In fact, you can change it up every single day if you want to!
Although you can add extensions to braids to make them longer, your hair does need to be of a minimum length before you can start braiding.  If it is too short the braid will not hold tightly and it will begin to unravel.  This will be a waste of time and money and it will certainly be frustrating for both you and the person who styled your hair.

Aside from extensions, you can also use different colors or materials in your braids too.  Traditional African, Nigerian, and Egyptian civilizations would use beads or shells in their braiding designs.  You can use different colors of natural or artificial hair or you can use different sized and colored beads to add more personality.

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