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Black Emo hair styles are quickly gaining in popularity.  As musical genres are becoming more infused with more worldly influence and people all over the world are getting more connected with each other, artistic tastes are also spreading.  As such, most people don’t listen to strictly one kind of music anymore.  This also means that many people of all races, no matter where the live on the planet, are being drawn not only to different beats, instrumentation, and lyrical content, but to lifestyles and fashions as well.

This is certainly true of the Emo musical genre.  Short for “EMOtional punk,” this musical movement is characterized by a very distinct sound as well as a collective of attitudes, fashion, and hairstyles.  It is discussed and debated often because there are often lifestyle choices and specific behaviors that go along with it.

The Emo fashion was once somewhat of a fad as it was attributed to a small population of people who only enjoyed this music.  Because music is becoming more integrated, many people have picked up on the fashion sensibilities of Emo and adopted them into their own wardrobe.  Skinny jeans, tight tee shirts, and accessories like black wristbands and studded belts are all part of the Emo movement.  Bright colors are still common as well as very dark shades.  While they are also attributed to punk music, there is a less abrasive and more refined sensibility about it; all of which serve to set these fashions apart from others that correspond to musical genres.

From head to toe, this style is very distinctive, but perhaps the hair styles are what set Emo fans most apart from other music lovers.  The Emo style base is long, side-swept bangs that often cover at least one eye.  They prefer straight hair, that is often jet black, which many people would characterize as a “sad” look.  However, many other colors are also common: pink, blue, red, and of course, lighter natural shades like blond—especially bleach or platinum.  Sometimes, though, Emo fans may style their hair in short, choppy layers too.

Emo hairstyles were originally considered to be clean, even though they were very distinct.  As time has moved on and this musical genre has evolved, so has its correlated fashion.  Layering, spiking, and a handful of uneven, non-traditional cutting techniques have emerged as these hairstyles have continued to grow in popularity.  They are now stylish and available for anyone, no matter what kind of music they like.

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