Black Hair Salons in Ventura County

Why should someone visit black hair salons in Ventura County? Because it is the best way to ensure that they get the most effective and efficient service on their hard-to-manage hair, that’s why.  Black hair is notoriously difficult to style and maintain, so the stylists that work in a professional salon are powerful allies in the war that will sometimes face with your hair.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.  If you are of African descent you are blessed with hair that is full of body and shine but also cursed because this same hair is frail and kinky.  While it looks bold, perhaps because of the solid black tone, African hair is indeed quite weak under certain conditions.

Women with this kind of hair are always in search of something new to try.  The braids that are so common to black hair styles is really just a base for more elaborate designs.  These designs can tell a story or just help to communicate your personality.  They are unique and as such, you may find that there are an endless variety of them.

Men want to style their hair too.  It is a sensible way to display your personality.  It allows you to create an opportunity to be unique and to set trends.  Men can take advantage of different hairstyles in the same way that women can, and use them as they are suitable for particular situations.  For instance, men and women can both style their hair a particular way for a job interview or for a standard work day or for church.

Having black hair, though, is a real challenge.  Black hair is naturally kinky and dry, and therefore somewhat weaker than other types of hair.  This is important to know because that means that is more susceptible to damage from exposure to heat and chemicals, which are two somewhat necessary components to many styling techniques.

To reiterate, this is why it is important to seek the aid of a qualified and experienced professional.  They will know how to properly apply heat and other treatments to your hair in order to make it look better as well as keep it strong and healthy.  If you have damaged your hair, they will also know how to repair it so that you can style it the way that you prefer, instead of babying it with something that is simple or unattractive.

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  • You can try Incognito in Camarillo. The address is 2167 E Ventura Blvd, (805) 482-6108. I would definately ask for Russell and Russell only.

  • Thanks I’ll call him Asap!
    do you know any black hair supply stores in the area also?!

    Thanks im new and dont wanna go to LA.

  • Try Olive Beauty Supply in Camarillo, 856 Arneill Road, 805-445-7676. They recently opened and are knowledgable and cater to their customers.

  • Try Neesha @ Shear Platinum Stylez in Camarillo. ASK FOR NEESHA 805-236-2171. Freindly and Reliable

  • Hello, I hope my note finds you all well! Does anyone have an update on this topic? I may be moving to Ventura, CA soon and I am eager to find a salon or person who braids hair. According to Google Maps, Camarillo can be a 50 minute drive in traffic, so I hope there are now more choices in Ventura.

  • Simplicity Hair Studio, 424 Arneill Road Ste. A, Camarillo 93010 (805) 389-2926
    Very friendly & professional staff with no long wait in the salon.

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