black hair with silver streaks

Black hair with silver streaks is a trendy style, a way to add a little highlight to your look. There are a lot of items to discuss about this subject. What silver steaks mean? Do they have mystic connotations? Are they sexy or on contrary? And the question can go on.

We can discuss here about two kind of silver streaks: the natural streaks and the streaks obtained through different artificial methods and treatments.

There are persons that nature has given natural silver streaks.  How is this possible? The scientific explanation is that the color of the hair is under the control of several different genes, and each has a part in the pigment color. They also establish the concentration of the pigment color. They also establish the concentration of the color on the hair. So, a somatic mutation can make inactive on or some genes that control the pigment, leaving a lighter patch of skin on the head. The hair that grows from this patch is of a different color than the rest of the hair. The result is that a person with such streaks doesn’t need to expose their hair to different coloring procedures to obtain a trendy silver one.

Then there are the other types of streaks, the ones obtain through artificial methods. What are the methods used to obtain it? We have several choices here too.

One of them can be the coloring of the hair. The process can be difficult and it’s possible that it may have to be repeated several times until the silver look is obtained. The darker your hair the more difficult the process is. This method requires much patience.

In the end the result obtains can be different than that you expected. Your streak can be grey and have a dull color. More on, being exposed to bleaching or coloring your hair can become split or burnt. So, it is better to go to a stylist and have your hair colored instead of doing it alone. The damages can be minimized when in the hands of a professional.

The easiest and healthier method is use a weave. This will be glued on your own hair and it has a natural and always fresh color. The advantage is that you can have as many silver streaks as you wish without any negative effects for your hair. You’ll never be afraid that the color will become dull. With a weave the options you have are many being able to chose what hair dress you want. More on, you have the option to wear it only when you are in the mood to and you can renounce it the very next day if this is your wish.

Fashion comes and goes, but your hair is with you all time. So try to be in fashion and at the same time try to keep your hair healthy!

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    Is the hair bleached in picture above or is that a pin-in or sewed/glued in weave?

    If it’s a weave, who’s the supplier?

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