Black Men Hair Styles Twist

Black men hair styles twist are very popular these days.  They seem to be a part of a new revolution of hair styles that are emerging for men who want more personality from their hair.  Men, like women, are wanting to experiment more with unique styles and looks.  Perhaps they are getting a bit tired of the usual spiked and cropped looks.

Twists are particularly favorable for black hair because black hair retains many of the traditional characteristics of African hair, which is naturally curly, wiry, and textured.  Twists, then, take advantage of these features, which is dissimilar to traditional Western hairstyles that depend on long and straight strands of hair.

When you want to put twists in your hair, it is important to remember that you should start with hair that has been recently cleaned and conditioned.  This is crucial as clean hair is easier to work with.  Conditioning is important to because it helps to strengthen your hair so that it is not as vulnerable to styling as it would be otherwise.  Conditioning also helps to moisturize your hair, which is especially good for black hair which is naturally dry.

After you wash your hair, you need to apply gel to it.  It is okay, for this hairstyle, if your hair is still a little damp when you style it.  A quick towel dry should get it to the dampness that you need.  An electric blow dryer might dry it too quickly, plus the excessive heat can potentially damage your hair too.  Apply the gel to your hair so that the twists you use will hold their shape.

Twists help a man to wear his natural hair in a convenient and appealing way.  Men typically have shorter hair, but twists allow you to also put in extensions if you think you might want to try a look with a little more length or body.  Like braids and other black hairstyles, twists are convenient because you can leave them in for a few weeks, which means fewer trips to the salon or barber, which saves you money and time.

Maintaining your twists is equally easy.  You can wash and condition them like normal hair, but it is a good idea to cover them at night to minimize the damage that tossing and turning can cause.  A simple silk scarf can help you avoid this.  Similarly, it is a good idea to refrain from wearing hats during the day while you wear twist hairstyles.

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  • My son got twists in his hair and its been two weeks since he got them. when should he get them done again or tighten up. Also should he shampoo his hair now, and should he be using any conditioning. What size should his twists be and does this help the hair to grow. My son hair have been in braids for over six years and he wanted the twists/dreads. He and I both are concerned about whether his hair would be breaking from this style.

  • Hi there,
    I thought to leave this message because I would like to know how to do a twist hairstyle like that one I see here with Jamie Foxx. Look like the twist do no go right to the scalp showing the divisions. What they look like! They look like they have been twisted but the bottom half of the twist has it foundation of a afro. Because most women get twist and the twist is done right up to the scalp showing the division and the sections in the scalp-line… These do seem to have that feature.

    Another thing is that I had this done once before. but I must admitt my hair was too long. About 4.5 inches. But I cut it and am starting again. What I am saying is that when the stylist done my hair it was sagging-over. It did not stick out and keep that wacky-but-neat look, Like Jamie is displaying.

    So my question is… Could someone tell me the process… like step by step, on how to achieve this very same look?

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